Things I Can’t Stand – Part 1


Accidents happen every day, multiple times a day. It’s an unfortunate part of life. While it’s perfectly natural to be morbidly curious about an accident, it is not perfectly natural to drive 10 mph on a highway just to satisfy that curiosity. First off, it’s rude. Second, it’s rude. And third, it’s still rude. It’s rude because no one appreciates being stared at. It’s rude because you shouldn’t want to see someone’s guts scattered on the highway. And it’s rude because everyone behind you wants to get the fuck home and you’re slowing them the fuck down. STOP MAKING TRAFFIC. You’ll never get a good look at the scene anyway, so why bother? It doesn’t even have to be an accident. You’ll stare at any idiot with a car that won’t start or a flat tire. You know, curiosity killed the cat…a very rude cat. STOP. BEING. SO. DAMN. RUDE. If you really want to see a nasty accident, just Google it.

You know why it’s called rubbernecking? Because it’s fucking unnatural. Because our necks aren’t made out of rubber, and they’re not supposed to stretch like that. It’s unnatural because you should be looking in front of you in an effort to avoid getting into an accident, like the idiot you’re staring at. Wouldn’t that be stupid? Crashing your car because you just had to look at that car crash? That would be epic. Stupid’s probably a better word. Fucking retarded. Okay, rant over. This was a very toned down rant. That’s because I’m sure many of you are guilty of rubbernecking, and I really didn’t want to offend you too much. You know, because I love you. “Things I Can’t Stand” is probably going to be a new mini series on my blog. I will attempt to post things in this series, whenever I can’t think of anything else to blog about. Or…this could be the first and last time I do this. If you know me at all, you know it can go either way. Okay, don’t hold your breath for Part 2.


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18 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Stand – Part 1

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  1. I feel like the first person to rubberneck and start the chain is the idiot. But, when I’m stuck in that long traffic jam because of the original rubbernecker, I damn well want to see what was holding me up! So the chain continues. Darn it. It’s ok if you can’t stand me.

    1. You’re right, let’s blame that first person. Frickin’ idiot! Because yeah, everyone else is forced to drive slowly so they might as well look too, but quickly! No worries, you’re good. 😉

  2. I still dealt with this on Sunday…don’t know what caused the accident but the traffic was so bad….people were slowing down to watch and I thought why would you want to see the accident…it’s not like you can figure out how and what happened from overlooking lol…

  3. The title of this entry is awesome. It almost didnt matter that the rant inside was also good. “Things I Can’t Stand” — You should win an award. Like a real one. Not those silly little clip arts. No, something that you can dump at a pawn shop.

  4. Ugh I so agree with you on this!! I think there actually have been accidents where people crashed because they were rubbernecking. Losers. It’s so disrespectful to be gawking at a crash scene and no matter what, it’s just not morally acceptable in my opinion.
    And you should totally make this a mini-series! Lots of people can relate, we can all rant together, I mean what’s not to like about it? Do it, do it, do it…. 😉

    1. Total losers! It’s pretty sad how much people like to gawk. Tsk tsk.
      Yay, I think I will make it a series. Can’t promise it’ll be any good. But there’s always something to rant about, right? 😀

  5. I hate rubberneckers! When I was quite young I was in an accident outside my school and my mother ended up in the back of the car with a head injury and unconscious (my stupid brother-in-law was driving). Not only did the road back up with cars and people rubbernecking, but I remember sitting in the back seat and kids had their faces squashed up against the windows of the car gawking at my mum! It was truly freaky. If I see an accident I always keep my eyes planted firmly on the road ahead because sure enough some idiot is bound to swerve or slow down to take a look 😯

  6. Hey, ranting is good for the soul! Get it all out girl! It’s super annoying when people do that and slow the move of traffic. It’s the worst. People are just so stupid sometimes.

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