Paw Prints

The first thing I see as I open the door
Is your favorite pillow laying on the floor
It smells of you and brings a smile to my face
As I picture you in every corner of this space

I miss your bark, even if I’d tell you to hush
I miss those paws that you licked too much
I miss those eyes that never once grew old
I miss those kisses with your little wet nose

Your puppy-like glee every time I’d come home
The sound of your nails clicking on the floor
I miss your little dance when you wanted to go out
I miss your little tail, always wagging about

If love could have saved you, I’d have never let go
But time is cruel, and you were growing old
Your cries of pain ripped right through my soul
Your eyes let me know it was time to let go

With a heavy heart, I held you so tight
Whispered “I love you,” and sang you goodnight
One last wet kiss, one last little sigh
I watched you sleep for the very last time

Sweet memories of you are what keep me strong
Never forgotten, you will always live on
Across the Rainbow Bridge, but never far apart
You’re alive in the paw prints you left on my heart

© Lily – 1/1/2017

*For mom and dad, in loving memory of their four-legged baby.*

RIP Daisy | 9/13/02 – 12/29/16


4 thoughts on “Paw Prints

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  1. Awww you made me cry again so beautiful don’t know when we’ll be able to read it without shedding tears.

    We love you and thank you for this precious gift.

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