Things I Can’t Stand – Part 7

**This has been in my drafts since 2018. But eh, why the heck not?**

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this category. I know, just when you thought I had given up on that stupid series, BAM! There I go again. It’s tough being a Don’t Quote Lily reader. I feel your pain. Anyway, rather than focus on ONE stupid thing, (because I have the attention span of a child) I thought I would talk about several stupid things. Everybody say YAY!! No? Fine, let’s get to business then.

Stupid/Annoying Things

1. White shirt, black bra. COME ON, ladies. Why do so many women do this? I just need an answer that makes sense. Wearing a black bra under a white shirt is the exact opposite of common sense. It’s uncommon sense. It’s common non-sense. Stop the madness! P.S. It’s also kind of slutty.

2. Premium gas. Why don’t they ever advertise the price of premium gas on those big, bright signs? You don’t know how much you’re paying for premium until you pull up to the pump. Just because MOST people use regular, doesn’t mean that NO one uses premium. Get with the program!

3. Left turns. I hate left turns on streets with no left turn light. Just turning left out of the parking lot at work is a pain in the ass, and can take minutes…MINUTES! On both ends of the road, there are lights. But the thing is, there’s never a break in cars, because you have two streets that turn onto this road, so when one is red, the other is green, and vice versa, so it never ends!

4. Car accidents. It’s not raining, snowing, nothing is falling out of the sky. SO, what is your excuse for crashing into the car in front of you? I just don’t understand how there are so many stupid drivers out there. FOCUS, people!

5. Airline fees. Especially on United. You pay for the ticket (which to me means you’re paying for a seat) but then, only a small number of seats are “free.” The majority are another $50-$80 on top of the price of the ticket. My other pet peeve is the fee you have to pay if your luggage exceeds the weight limit. Say you pay $25 for one checked bag. But if it’s a pound over, then you have to pay another $100?! Meanwhile, if you take the extra weight out of the suitcase and onto your carry-on, it’s all still going on the plane. So please tell me why you need to charge an extra $100 to keep it in your suitcase? And what about people? You may have 100 passengers who average 140 pounds. But then you have one person who weights 250, 300 pounds. Are you gonna charge them extra? SMH.

Welp, I think that’s it for this super random post.


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