Perhaps It Never Was

Translating poetry is never a good idea, but I tried it anyway. If any of you can speak/read Spanish, I hope you’ll read the original Spanish version below. It’s one of my faves. The english version, not so much.


Perhaps It Never Was

If you wish to remember me some day,
You can.
Who am I to impede that
You do?
I know the memories are forever
And to try to erase them would be
In vain.

I know this love has remained
In a collection of love stories
Ours will stay.
But don’t waste time reliving
The past.
My heart has strayed, this love
did not last.

If roses represented our love,
They have died.
If the stars used to shine for us,
They have dimmed.
If the world used to turn for us,
Now it’s stuck.
If the birds used to sing of love,
They have stopped.

Don’t think of anything
That perhaps never was.
Do not search in vain
For pieces of yesterday.
Never once did I promise
That I would stay.
It’s best to forget,
And to part ways.

The memories start to fade,
Drowning in the void.
Nothing is left,
Nothing mine and nothing yours.
Perhaps this never happened,
Perhaps it never was.
Let everything fade
With one last goodbye…

© Lillian Figueroa
August 2, 2005


Quizás Nunca Fue

Si un día quieres recordarme,
No soy quien para impedir
Que lo hagas.
Sé que los recuerdos se han quedado
E intentar borrarlos sería
En vano.

Sé que ese amor se ha quedado
En los libros de amor se ha quedado
Pero no te empeñes en revivir
El pasado.
Ya no te quiero, ya
No te amo.

Si las flores representan el amor,
Se han muerto.
Si las estrellas nos iluminaron, ya,
Se han quemado.
Si el mundo giraba para los dos,
Se ha estancado.
Si las aves cantaban de amor,
Ya han cesado.

No pienses en nada
Que quizás nunca fue.
No busques inútilmente
Lo que existía ayer.
Nunca prometí
Que me iba a quedar.
Es mejor seguir,
Es mejor olvidar.

Se esfuman los recuerdos,
Se ahogan en el vacío.
Ya nada queda,
Nada es tuyo, nada es mío.
Quizás nunca fue,
Ya…nada pasó.
Deja que todo se consuma
En un adiós…

 © Lillian Figueroa
2 de Agosto, 2005

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  1. I miss your poems! Even though I could only read the translated English version, I still appreciate the story it tells. 🙂 How’s the writer’s block? Is it still there or have you effectively pushed it away? 😉

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