We Found Love

Saying nothing at all,
But thinking so many things,
I surrendered.

A small change in the atmosphere,
A significant shift of power;
I wonder if he felt it.

I bit my lip, trembling,
And his hard façade crumbled;
The playing field was even.

That night, the first of many,
There were no differences,
No prejudices or fears.

There was no you and me,
There was us, only us,
Skin to skin, heart to heart.

That night, we saw stars,
We felt the earth move,
And knew we were forever changed.

That night
We found love.

© Lillian F — 2/28/2013

10 thoughts on “We Found Love

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing me to this beautiful work of words…I like it….REALLY LIKE IT. Here’s why; I could almost see the physical aspect of the words as I read…I like “the shift of power” and “the earth moving” that’s powerful stuff…very very well written Lily.
    You should share more poems with us :).

    1. I am so glad! Seriously, your opinion means a lot. 😳 Glad you approve of this piece. I WANT to share more poems! I just need to write them first, lol. I’m still just slowly getting back into being able to write poetry. This one was my latest. 🙂

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