Think-Writing Doesn’t Cut It

“Mmm, it smells just like her.”

Am I the only one who finds the Snuggle Bear (Snuggle Fabric Softener) extremely creepy? I love stuffed animals. But this guy is not cute. First off, he doesn’t blink…at all! He just stares at you in that “psycho-just-escaped-from-a-mental-institution” kind of way. And in the commercials his eyes look red…evil red. And his creepy voice, it’s like a “I’m-advertising-this-product-in-an-attempt-to-distract-you-from-the-fact-that-I’m-secretly-stalking-you-because-my-friend-Chucky-asked-me-to” kind of thing. Oh yeah…Snuggle is related to Chucky, if you didn’t know.

See the resemblance?

Well, now that you all think I’m crazy, hello there!  I thought I’d do something different today and just talk. Don’t worry, this won’t happen too often. I just like to switch it up sometimes. Post something funny, post some poems, then bore the crap out of you. Besides, it’s Monday…who has high expectations on a Monday? You know, when you’re unemployed, you start to like Mondays again. Because Monday feels like Tuesday feels like Wednesday feels like Thursday feels like Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s really hard and kind of pointless keeping track of the days. Little disclaimer, I’m not unemployed because I’m lazy, okay? It wasn’t a choice. But yes, it’s quite nice.

So, the other day I couldn’t get to sleep because I kept thinking…about blogging. It never fails, I always get ideas either in the shower or in bed. In the shower is a major problem due to lack of writing material. So I usually try to repeat the thought in my head. “Great idea, great idea, great idea…don’t forget it, great idea, great idea…” But then I turn off the water and my thoughts go down the drain. In bed, I COULD technically grab something to write with, but I’m usually too lazy/tired to do so. Plus, I find that when I write down my thoughts, I try to do so in as few words as possible. So the next day, I read my thoughts and they make no sense! Does that ever happen to you?

My biggest problem is that not only do I think of things to write about, I also draft the whole damn post IN my head. It’s REALLY STUPID to write in your head, because you will never EVER remember exactly what you said or how you said it…ever! I scold myself in my head too. “Stop think-writing! No one else can read what it’s in your head! You’re just wasting your time! There are no LIKE buttons here!” But it’s kind of like when you’re trying to fall asleep with a million thoughts going through your head. You tell your brain to shut up and let you sleep but it just won’t stop. So yeah, I can’t stop blogging in my head. It sucks because I can be pretty damn hilarious in my head…but you’ll never know it. So every time you read a post and think it sucks, just remember, it was AWESOME in my head. Oh well…until next time. I promise the next one will be better (but I can’t guarantee it).


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  1. I couldn’t sleep last night and when I finally fell asleep I dreamt of looking at a book written by an author who had sort of given up. Anything they wrote would be an instant best-seller, so the book literally begins “My name,” Steve thought, “Is Steve Thomas. Steve Thomas. Steve Thomas Steve Thomas Steve Thomas. That’s my name.” Then the other characters get introduced and they all have names like Blah, Whatsis, and Dumdedum.

    It was actually kind of a funny dream.

    1. Oh Byronic Man, I think even your dreams are losing their edge. 😉 I kid you. Recently I dreamt of pretty orange wordpress notifications full of stars, plus signs and comment bubbles. No, that’s not pathetic at all. 😀

      I think I’ll name my child (middle name) Dumdedum.

  2. Hehe, think-writing is a problem for me as well. It helps to carry a notebook in case I start think-writing on the bus or something, then I can write down my ideas the way I thought them.

      1. Oh, I guess a notebook doesn’t help when you’re in the shower 😀 Yes, I do it all the time when I’m in bed as well! My worst habit is think-writing right after I wake up… it demotivates me from actually getting out of bed 😛

  3. This post in no way sucked! I liked it a lot and laughed a lot.

    “So every time you read a post and think it sucks, just remember, it was AWESOME in my head!” HAHAHAHHAHAHHA.

    I would suggest (it might be strange) but for the shower if you want to remember what you are thinking there are some crayons you can buy, my boyfriend’s daughter used to use them and then they all ran out and we didn’t get more. They wipe off pretty easy too.

    1. Aw, thanks! I’m glad it didn’t totally suck! I’m just so worried I’m gonna get blogger’s block one of these days, and I reallyyyyy don’t want that to happen. 😦 I love this blog world too much. 😉 Haha, I’ve heard about the crayons. Thanks for the link…I absolutely LOVE amazon!

      1. They can get really waxy so be careful. I honestly think you have a lot of thoughts going through your mind, don’t worry you’re brain will carry you through! I am not entirely sold on amazon just yet.

        1. Haha, I should probably stop pressuring myself. I don’t HAVE to post every other day. Omg…has amazon done you wrong? I hope not. 😦 I’ve always had positive experiences. Great prices, shipping is always faster than the estimate, and once I had to return something, and they gave me the refund but let me keep the item. 😉

  4. Some of the best posts are the ones unscripted, just talking and writing.. I don’t post everyday because I’m just not that creative..don’t be so hard on yourself!!

  5. Boy, that picture of Snuggles-as-Chucky or whatever you call it was pretty freaky…..

    But I totally agree with you about getting blogging ideas in the worst places. I’m sure you know all too well about my dilemma with inspiration only coming in when I’m at work, of all places. In any case, your posts never suck! 🙂

    1. Haha I know, he’s scary…I almost didn’t add the picture in but I thought, what the hell, why not!

      Yeah, work isn’t the greatest place for blogging. But you don’t do it every day, so it’s okay! My first few posts were written at work during our slow time. I felt like I could never get inspired at home. Well, now I’m inspired in the shower, woo hoo lol.

      Thank you for saying they don’t suck! 😀

  6. Snuggle Bear has always creeped me out, for exactly the reasons you listed. I always think of blogging ideas when I’m too busy to write them down, then forget what the idea was later. Extremely annoying.

  7. Amen sister friend. I was starting to forgot those really AWESOME, HILARIOUS ideas I’d have at random so I now keep a small notebook/pen combo in my purse, in my car (and I’ll write and drive. Dangerous, but worth it) and next to my bed.

    Re: writing notes in the shower–If you have a glass door, write on it! Or, jump out and write on a notebook/pen combo you have stationed next to your toilet! (ummm….might be another place I keep one….)

    I find the Snuggle bear adorable. You’re weird….hehe

    1. Yeah, see! Awesome ideas come at the worst times. Um, I would recommend when you’re in the car to just repeat the idea in your head A LOT rather than writing it down…k? 😉

      No glass door in the shower! Stupid curtain. 😦 But the notebook/pen by the toilet, that might come in handy too! And no, that’s not weird at all. 😀

      Snuggle looks creepier in commercials vs if you google him. But okay, yes I am weird, lol.

  8. Haha – love this. I think it’s the creepy mouth on Snuggle that does it!
    I ALWAYS ‘like’ my blogs in my head until I see them written down and then think ‘I’m sure it was better than that when I was thinking about it’.
    This is wonderful – thank you so much for sharing (I’m still laughing)

  9. Haha this happens to me ALL the time! And I jot down things too and by tomorrow I’m like “Is this supposed to make sense, what?” xD

  10. My materials be it poems or stories form in my head and with all humility perfectly too, but once i step out of that shower its gone and try as i can to get it just like it registered in my head, it’s hard. I have found myself repeating words to myself in the car lol. I wrote a poem for a friend’s new baby and it came in the car…i refused to talk to anyone until i got home and wrote it down.

    Snuggle bear well creepy is the new sexy…no ? Lol. I love your wit and sense of humor…very clever

    1. Isn’t it such a pain! I’m starting to see this is a common issue. That’s funny though, I can imagine you running from the car and pushing people out of the way so you can write it all down. 😉

      Thanks and glad you like my weirdness, I mean sense of humor. 😀

  11. I agree with you! Only if we could write while in the shower. Hahaha! And our memories really do a lot of tricks on us. A friend told me once, when you have an idea write it down immediately. Do not trust your memory 😀

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