This Never Happened

There was a poem here, but perhaps it’s best to pretend that never happened. Kind of embarrassing.

Obviously, it wasn’t good enough, so it’s been DELETED and untagged. Moving on…

9 thoughts on “This Never Happened

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  1. …and another thing: I got an e-mail about your post while I was driving on the highway. I did the responsible thing and waited until I arrived at home to read the contents of the post. And this is how I get rewarded for being a safe driver? Next time I’m reading your post at 77 mph throwing caution to the wind. Screw the other drivers! I’m reading Lily’s post before she wimps out and deletes it.

    1. I got sad cuz no one was reading it, so I deleted it. It was a poem I wrote in spanish, which you could’ve read! I translated it for my english readers but it was a fail. I’m so embarrassed. 😦

      1. Lily!!! You know it takes time to get to all the blogs that post on any giving day! I learned that people stop in to read my posts throughout 3 to 4 days. They trickle in. I would have loved to have read it. 😦

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