She Is

She is
heart and soul,
a source of
utter joy,
and something more.

She is
mine and yours,
bigger than us both.
She is light
amongst so much dark.

She is
giggles and sighs,
the most beautiful of smiles.
Eyes bright with delight,
she is hope.

She is innocent and pure,
a new way of looking
at this world.
She is love,
she is joy.

She is art
where things once were dull.
She makes sense
of a senseless world.

She is warmth
in this unbearable cold,
she is hope
and so much more…
my baby girl.


© Lillian Figueroa — 12/2/2016


Perhaps It Never Was

Translating poetry is never a good idea, but I tried it anyway. If any of you can speak/read Spanish, I hope you’ll read the original Spanish version below. It’s one of my faves. The english version, not so much.


Perhaps It Never Was

If you wish to remember me some day,
You can.
Who am I to impede that
You do?
I know the memories are forever
And to try to erase them would be
In vain.

I know this love has remained
In a collection of love stories
Ours will stay.
But don’t waste time reliving
The past.
My heart has strayed, this love
did not last.

If roses represented our love,
They have died.
If the stars used to shine for us,
They have dimmed.
If the world used to turn for us,
Now it’s stuck.
If the birds used to sing of love,
They have stopped.

Don’t think of anything
That perhaps never was.
Do not search in vain
For pieces of yesterday.
Never once did I promise
That I would stay.
It’s best to forget,
And to part ways.

The memories start to fade,
Drowning in the void.
Nothing is left,
Nothing mine and nothing yours.
Perhaps this never happened,
Perhaps it never was.
Let everything fade
With one last goodbye…

© Lillian Figueroa
August 2, 2005


Quizás Nunca Fue

Si un día quieres recordarme,
No soy quien para impedir
Que lo hagas.
Sé que los recuerdos se han quedado
E intentar borrarlos sería
En vano.

Sé que ese amor se ha quedado
En los libros de amor se ha quedado
Pero no te empeñes en revivir
El pasado.
Ya no te quiero, ya
No te amo.

Si las flores representan el amor,
Se han muerto.
Si las estrellas nos iluminaron, ya,
Se han quemado.
Si el mundo giraba para los dos,
Se ha estancado.
Si las aves cantaban de amor,
Ya han cesado.

No pienses en nada
Que quizás nunca fue.
No busques inútilmente
Lo que existía ayer.
Nunca prometí
Que me iba a quedar.
Es mejor seguir,
Es mejor olvidar.

Se esfuman los recuerdos,
Se ahogan en el vacío.
Ya nada queda,
Nada es tuyo, nada es mío.
Quizás nunca fue,
Ya…nada pasó.
Deja que todo se consuma
En un adiós…

 © Lillian Figueroa
2 de Agosto, 2005

In The End

There, there,
dry your eyes.
Tears won’t turn back
the hands of time;
but you can try.

You can cry and scream,
beg and plead,
pray to the heavens,
down on your knees;
little good that will do.

Or you can feign in defeat,
that you’ve forgotten,
that your conscience
is saintly clean;
what a little liar.

But in the end,
none of that will matter.
In the end, the truth
can never be detained.

In the end,
you never can
wash the blood
from your hands.*

© Lillian F – 8/29/2013

**Inspired by the song “Oceans” by Evanescence. The last stanza is a line from this song. I’ve always loved that line. Too bad I couldn’t do it justice. Writer’s block is a bitch! (I know, don’t you love how much confidence I have in myself?)**

Yesterday’s Lies

Things that
Cannot be unseen
Can be blinding

Words that
Cannot be unsaid
Can be deafening

Sometimes never knowing
Is never hurting

Because yesterday’s lies
Did not crush
Or break this fragile heart

But today’s truth
Changes everything
As it all crumbles
And falls apart

Lillian F – 7/22/2013


-*-Random and somewhat awful poem. No worries, I’m not depressed or anything. I’d also like to point out that you can’t get more random than posting a penis-ridden post one day, and then a depressing poem two days later. That’s how I roll.-*-

A Collection Of Words II

Another collection of haiku poems. (These are six individual poems, don’t read them as a whole.) The first part can be found here. OH, and WordPress just reminded me that I started blogging one year ago today…YAY! Most people do awesome posts on their 1-year blogiversary, but not me! Lol.


White sheets, red roses
Moon shines on glistening skin
Love-making begins


Suddenly it clicks
Everything falls into place
He’s where she belongs


Words, tangled up with
Emotions, leave no room for logic
Bound to get messy


She hides her feelings
He pretends he doesn’t care
Neither will survive


Dear diary, she writes
Can you mend a broken heart
Without the pieces?


Please stay, her eyes plead
If he goes, her heart will bleed
Life would lose meaning


© Lillian F

When Words Won’t Come

Impatient are
these fingertips,
poised on these keys,
a practice in

A storm rages
in my mind,
as I seek comfort
trying desperately
to fill these lines.

Can’t stop these pictures
in my mind,
can’t make these thoughts
come to life;
tormented, I stand
idly by.

loss, confusion,
anger, remorse.

Nothing feels right
when words
just won’t come.

© Lillian F — 5/20/2013


Like glass
hanging by
a mere thread
we are
fragile and
just as breakable

Every second
another decision
is taken from our hands
and somebody
is taking their last breath

Life is
too short
too delicate
to live any other way
than by

Loving deeply
living graciously
forgiving often
and respecting others

Never forgetting
how much hangs in the balance
on the smallest of strings

is the most precious thing

We are
so precious

© Lillian F — 5/7/2013


*I’ve been trying to write this for a week, but I finally gave up and posted it as is. My writer’s block is beyond stubborn.*

She Found A Reason

Every morning
before he leaves for work,
he kisses her
and smiles tenderly
while she sleeps.

Every morning
she awakes with a smile,
feeling loved and grateful
for the little things
in life.

Every kiss hello,
every kiss goodbye,
and perhaps the most special,
is the loving look
in his eyes.

She found a reason
that she never knew she needed
to go on.
A reason for every breath,
every second, every minute,
every hour of the day.

A reason that makes it
easier to breathe,
a reason that makes her
feel more alive…
their undying love.

© Lillian F — 4/12/13

*I feel like this is so…unoriginal and blah. I’m trying, I swear. I can’t believe I used to write poems every day when I was a teenager. What happened?!*



Surrounded by
A crowd full of laughter
And echoes of happiness
I am not privy to

But there’s no one to blame
They’re not the cause
Of my silent pain
No one is aware
Of how much I ache

To be like them
To feel that I belong
To not be
Or Miss Nobody-Knows-My-Name

To feel a sense of belonging
However short-lived
Just one blissful day
To live and feel loved
And unafraid

© Lillian F — 4/10/13


Fine lines,
Delicate strings;
So much hangs by
An insignificant thing.

Feelings and thoughts,
You and me, our love.
My entire world
Hanging by
A thread…

Significantly insignificant,
Delicately strong,
More than
Fine lines and strings,
This thread…

© Lillian F — 4/4/13

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