Did You Hear That?

Do you hear that clock ticking, or is it just me? Tick tock, tick tock. Oh, never mind, that’s just my biological clock making itself known. Hey, I didn’t even know I had one of those yet! I didn’t think it’d start ticking until I hit my 30s or 40s. Hmm, interesting.

As a young girl, I never fantasized about my dream wedding or finding the perfect dress. I definitely never fantasized about having kids because, ahhhh! Seriously, is there a book that tells you how to be a parent? How often do they poop? Will my little boy pee on me every time I change his diaper? When can they start brushing their own teeth? Holy crap. So I’m surprised that these things are on my mind now. I guess it had to happen eventually. I’ll be 25 next year, and that seems like the perfect age to grow up. I’d like to have a baby before I’m 30, and if you factor in being engaged for a year, and then married for another year before getting pregnant, I’m kind of running out of time. Sure, it’s just an imaginary deadline, but that’s my personal preference. My boyfriend always wanted to have kids before his 30s too, and he’s 2 years older than I am. Tick tock, tick tock. Whoa, that ticking is getting louder.


I feel like we should be married already. We’ve only been living together for just under 2 years, but we’ve been in a relationship for 8 years. (We were in a long-distance relationship.) HURRY UP ALREADY! I know it’s not his fault though. He does the best he can, but he needs to find a better paying job. I almost want to pay the rent all by myself, just so he could save more money. While I’m at it, why don’t I just buy my own engagement ring too? He doesn’t even need to spend too much money on me, because I don’t believe in the 3-month rule. However, I do believe in the whole don’t-buy-the-ring-at-walmart-and-sorry-but-silver-is-not-okay thing. I’ve seen perfectly lovely diamond rings for under $3,500. I also saw a ring that was $85,000 and guess what…the diamond SUCKED. It’s a shame how ridiculously overpriced diamonds are.

I don’t even want a big, fancy wedding, like most girls do. I’m more concerned with the actual marriage than I am with the party. The wedding is one day, but marriage is supposed to be forever. Then once that’s done, we can work on the whole baby-before-we’re-30 plan. Lately, I’ve been seeing babies everywhere…online, on TV, and on YouTube when I search for “newborn babies.” It’s kind of creepy, actually. I find myself smiling when I imagine having a baby in my belly, and holding my newborn for the first time. WHAT, who am I?! Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not really into kids. I guess I’ve warmed up to the idea of being a mom. ONE DAY. (Don’t freak out, mom.) Tick tock, tick tock. Oh boy.

I want to end this post by congratulating my good friend and ex-coworker, who just got engaged last weekend. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m super happy for both of them, and I wish them all the best. I know my day will come too. I’m not jealous, I swear. Nope. Tick tock, tick tock. Seriously, did you hear that?


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  1. You should get together with my hubby, who seems to have forgotten his age and is going through a broody stage – gazing longingly at babies in prams. It’s very, very scary. I never got broody. I think my biological clock must have broken. He, apparently, has a perfectly good working one 😀

  2. Ohhhhhh man, baby before you are 30… that’s an awesome goal, the closer to 30 I get the less I want one. That might be cause Mike has a daughter so all the bullshit is there without the being a Mom thing. Like seriously you want to stop that clock from ticking hangout with 9 year olds past the point of them being nice because they don’t really know you. UGH.

    Though the other day some mail came to my work and it was for the children’s hospital next door, so I walked it over and inside I saw the most adorable alien baby (that’s what I call babies… aliens they all look like weird shapes and colors when they are newborns), he was tiny and perfect and might have been a bit premature but my little clock kicked up for the rest of the day.

    I had no idea you and your boyfriend had been together that long! So you and I are in almost the same boat only you have been together longer, your boyfriend and I are the same age, Mike is like 900 times older than all of us, and we have a child in the mix… it’s like we are twins 😛 If you ever wanna bitch about financial nonsense of the men in our lives hit me up… I am always a click away!

    1. Haha, oh man… See, that’s the part I DO worry about, is when the kids grow up and they can talk and have attitudes. I feel your pain! I don’t get to hang around kids very much, but in the past, I’m usually quite impatient. Honestly, for a while I was thinking I never wanted to have kids! It’s just recently that I’m seeing them everywhere and I’m like hm, they’re kinda adorable! Until they grow up…lol. But yeah, I do want to feel what it’s like to be pregnant and all that.

      Haha, they do look like little aliens, I hear ya on that! I’m almost scared for what my future child would look like, but apparently they get over the whole alien thing pretty quickly. 😉 So you’re only a little older than me. Maybe one day soon your clock will start ticking even more! Do you think about getting married though or is that a no too?

      Yup, my boyfriend and I have been together forever, but it was long distance in the beginning, which is why it makes sense we’re not married yet. Unless we wanted to get married on the phone, lol. But now we’re living together, so I’m starting to feel like, COME ON ALREADY! Wow, so Mike is like 900 times older, man that’s ancient! 😉 Just kidding. Hey, you can bitch to me anytime too, I’m always up for rants about men, haha!

      1. Kids will talk for sure… and I feel like the attitudes will closely match yours and your husband’s so don’t worry too much, just know and understand the type of morals you want your child to have and everything else should shape itself : )

        I do still want kids, I just don’t want them as much as I did when I got into this relationship. They are a lot of work, you have to think about you and them not just you and you… which might sound obvious but it’s just as crappy as it might seem. Then again I am sure it is different when it’s your own flesh and blood walking around changing and growing. Don’t get me wrong I love Mike’s daughter but again she isn’t mine so it changes things you know?

        I don’t know any parent that thinks their alien baby is ugly so I am sure when we do have those alien babies we will be like AWWW look how freaking cute my little red faced, squashed head, youngster is!!!!!!!!

        I do want to get married but I go back and forth on that too, I don’t know I think the older I get the less excited I get about all of that stuff. The same person day in and day out, the same fights, caring about another person’s feelings all the time; which is so stupid because I don’t actually want anyone else, I might just be scared and since I have been with Mike for almost five years and no progress has been made in any direction since the first year we were together I think I have grown to accept this for what it is. That’s sad. :p oh well whatever

        Long distance in the beginning that is awesome that it worked out, I think that would be preferable to having long distance now. I wouldn’t do the long distance thing after years of a relationship unless maybe it was for school and a very limited amount of time. I totally agree with you that your boyfriend should ask you and ask you soon… it is the next step and I don’t see a point in not being engaged you have been together for ages, you live together, you make one another happy (I assume 🙂 Sometimes guys get comfortable I think, I have no idea how to get them out of that but there must be a way.

        Mike is ancient but in reality he is just south of 40… which really is pretty old considering I won’t even be 30 when he turns 40. That is what I like though I guess.

        1. Agreed, it’s different when it’s your own kid. Other people’s kids are annoying, but when they’re your own, you gotta love them no matter what. 😉

          I understand your thoughts on marriage. It’s like, “Whoa, I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life?” Haha. But I think like everything else, it’s got its good points and its bad points. You never know, maybe Mike is purposely trying to throw you off, so when he proposes one day, you’ll be totally caught off guard. And hey, he’s not that old. Lots of couples are 10ish years apart, it’s all good. 😉

          Yup, long-distance hardly ever works out but that’s how we started and we made it. I’m sure he’ll propose within the next year. It’s been like a year and a half that we’ve been living together. He does talk about marriage, but I know he’s worried about money. I did tell him that I’m not high maintenance so that should help! I don’t need or want a huge rock. 😉 We’ll see!

  3. Lol at the tick tick…I am sure in due time :). You are like me…I had a very small wedding, was never the marrying but almost 8 years later I’m still here lol.

    1. Hopefully this decade, Boomie. 😉 Yeah, I can totally do a small wedding like you, or even a civil marriage at this point! It’s weird, he’s the one who wants the BIG wedding, like he’s the girl or something, lol. Oh well, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

  4. I’ve still got a couple years before 30 and a few before 25 (not rubbing it in at all…. just sayin’) and now people keep asking me “where’s your bf? why don’t you have one? do you want me to introduce you do someone?” which kind of makes me feel like I need to find someone NOW so I can settle down in the near future. I’d like kids before 30 too but at this rate I suppose I should just hope for getting married before 30. I keep seeing proposal videos and I can’t help but think “hey, where’s mine??” 😉

    1. You’re totally rubbing it in! Lol. Aw, don’t let other people pressure you. Only you can pressure yourself! 😉 You’re apparently younger than I am so definitely don’t stress too much yet. The reality is a lot of people don’t get to get married til their mid 30s. It’s all good. I feel more rushed now because I’ve been with him for so long…we should just seal the deal already, lol. 😀

  5. Wow who are u i never thought i see the day of u wanting a baby. It is an amazing journey and nothing compares to it but don’t rush it all in due time & no not freaking out just surprise. Just know when the time is right u’ll always have my support &love. I hope that when it happens u’ll allow me to share in the awesome journey u’ll have just like ur grandma did for me.

    1. Yup, I see you’re surprised! No, I’m not having a baby tomorrow, don’t worry. But it’s good that I’m more open to the idea. Trust me, there were times where I absolutely never wanted one! I know you guys will be there for me. OBVIOUSLY, how could I not share that journey with my mom? Duh. Love you. 🙂

  6. Just whisk him off to the marriage registrar and tell him you’re going to Wal-Mart. You don’t need a big wedding (I think they cost far too much money) and a ring is a ring…

    Good luck and let us know how you go 😉 I have a funny feeling it won’t be long now…

    1. Lol, that could work! I really don’t care about the wedding. I could go to city hall but HE wants the BIG party, ugh! Such a girl, lol.
      Thanks! If it ever happens, you all will definitely hear about it! 😀

  7. Ah memories. Kristen and I were engaged for three years before we got married. Kristen wants a kid before she’s 30 too, but we’re trying to pay off as much of her student loans as we can first. Don’t forget: children are expensive. BTW, I hope you guys are doing okay in NJ.

    1. Wow, long engagement! At least you’re being smart. Some people want things and just do it and end up broke as hell. Loans SUCK, hopefully she gets those payed off soon! I’m lucky not to have any loans. Oh, I KNOW kids are expensive. Not looking forward to diapers and growing out of clothes so quickly.

      Thanks, we’re good, my area wasn’t hit as hard as others. Got electric, all is good! 😉

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