Hygiene Stickers

This one’s going to be a quickie. I was recently trying on a bathing suit and it got me thinking. You know those hygiene stickers they put on bathing suit bottoms? I’m not against them being there, but just take a minute to think about what purpose it’s actually serving. Okay, so it keeps the actual bathing suit clean. Thank you for that. But the whole hygiene thing? Say one girl tries on the bathing suit. Personally, I think people should be trying on bathing suits OVER their underwear. But if they don’t, their crotch is touching the so-called hygiene sticker. I know, GROSS. But then they DON’T buy the bathing suit, and put it back on the rack. So eventually, another girl grabs the same bathing suit to try it on, and ALSO tries it on sans underwear. Her crotch germs have now merged with the first girl’s crotch germs. The HYGIENE sticker is hoarding all the crotch germs! It’s disgusting! It’s not hygienic at all! Yeah, if you end up buying the bathing suit, the material will be relatively clean, but it’s too late! You and God knows how many other people have already shared their germs with the hygiene sticker! Let it be known, hygiene stickers have nothing to do with hygiene and everything to do with disgusting. Eek! So if you’re wondering if there’s a moral to this story, there is. Keep your panties on! (Also a great moral for many other unrelated situations.)



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