This Is Why I Don’t Blog Anymore…

Not to sound self-centered, but what’s the point of blogging if hardly anyone’s gonna read what you wrote? If I didn’t want someone to read my thoughts, I’d write in a physical, private journal…with pen and paper. It makes me sad how much WordPress has changed for me. I used to wake up every day, so excited to read other blogs, and have people read mine. Then I started slacking, and people started disappearing… It’s not as fun as it used to be.

Not very many people “noticed” (or cared about) my last post. You know, announcing my first pregnancy. No biggie! Just sad. So I really doubt that I’ll be on here updating throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. I mean, I know those kinds of posts are boring anyway. But honestly, even if I was inspired to write something entertaining/funny, I doubt I’d get the audience that I had once upon a time, for a short time. I miss those days!

OH WELL. It was nice while it lasted. I’ll still try to read people’s blogs, but that’s probably it. Um, so do you hate this post as much as I do? Jeez, Lillian. What a loser! But I’m sure most people would agree that this isn’t any fun if no one reads your stuff. Now I’m just repeating myself, so I’m done. Maybe I’ll see you, maybe I won’t. I could be a total liar, and end up posting regularly, as if this post never happened! But…doubtful.


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