We Found Love

Saying nothing at all,
But thinking so many things,
I surrendered.

A small change in the atmosphere,
A significant shift of power;
I wonder if he felt it.

I bit my lip, trembling,
And his hard façade crumbled;
The playing field was even.

That night, the first of many,
There were no differences,
No prejudices or fears.

There was no you and me,
There was us, only us,
Skin to skin, heart to heart.

That night, we saw stars,
We felt the earth move,
And knew we were forever changed.

That night
We found love.

© Lillian F — 2/28/2013

I’ll See You Tomorrow

I remember my dear friend,
Who always had a kind word
To say to everyone,
Though they never did the same.

I remember she was different,
That she often struggled
With the things that came so easily
To the rest of us.

And I remember the critics,
The ones who made fun of her
And any one of us who’d dare
To keep her company.

I remember last July
When all she wanted was
To spend the afternoon
With me and my new crew.

The snickers from my friends,
The peer pressure I now regret,
When I told her that I couldn’t,
But maybe some other time.

She asked me every day,
And every day I’d turn her down.
But she’d still smile and say,
“Okay…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Now when I visit her grave,
Without fail, every day,
My heart is full of sorrow,
Wishing for that tomorrow.

There’s no judgment anymore
At my keeping company by her grave.
If only I’d realized long ago
That it never should have mattered.

I only hope, wherever she is,
That she forgives my past mistakes.
If I’m lucky, maybe, after all,
I’ll be seeing her tomorrow.

© Lillian F
January 25, 2013

This is a poem/story that I’m sure some people could relate to. It hasn’t happened to me, but something made me think of this subject, and so I wrote. Nothing pretty, just feelings and words, raw and imperfect.

Too Little, Too Late

He doesn’t know
He’s about to lose her.
But she’s already got
One foot outside the door,
Her heart set on leaving.

Too little, too late,
He brings her flowers now
Every day.
Cooks her dinner,
And warms it up
When she comes home late.

But two months ago,
The tables were turned.
She’d call and he
Wouldn’t answer his phone.
Working late nights every night,
Living two separate lives.

Too little, too late,
She found someone else
To ease her pain,
Keep her company every day.
Someone who treasures
Every breath she takes.

But he doesn’t know
It’s too little, too late.
How true when they say,
You don’t know what you have
Until it’s gone.

Empty words and gestures
Won’t erase the pain.
She doesn’t look at him the same,
It’s a mystery to him.
And he doesn’t know
He’s already lost her.

© Lillian F

No, this poem isn’t about me. It’s also not very good. But I really wanted to post a poem…so yeah.


The Man I Thought I Knew

“He didn’t mean to do it,”
I explain in his defense.
“It only happened once,
And it won’t happen again.”

He told me that he’s sorry
But his fist disagrees.
He told me that he loves me,
But I’m a fool to believe.

I spend hours in my room
Trying to mask the scars,
But I cannot hide the pain
In my eyes and in my heart.

A life full of excuses,
Fear and pain buried deep.
And now I’ve become the girl
I never wanted to be.

He didn’t mean to do it,
But I know he’ll do it again.
Once or a thousand times,
I should have left him then.

Instead, I suffer in silence,
Unwilling to admit the truth,
That he is no longer
The man I thought I knew.

© Lily — 12/12/12

Side note: This poem is not about me. I know most poets write about things that are affecting them, but I tend to do the opposite. I hope this poem isn’t offensive in any way. May those people going through a similar situation find the strength and courage to save themselves.

A Collection Of Words

For lack of better writing material I decided to share a few Haiku poems today.  I know this isn’t my usual style, but…you’ll get over it. I originally wrote these in Spanish, and then I translated them just for you. Don’t you feel special? No?! Darn. I always try so hard to please you.



© Lillian F

For The Little Things

She looks at him, smiling,
In awe that he is here at all,
That she is his and he is hers.

Every time he walks through that door,
He smiles and her heart soars;
She’s been blessed another day.

The simplicity is beautiful,
Overwhelming and magical;
Thank God for small miracles.

Some days, she still can’t believe
That she is his and he is hers,
The way it was meant to be.

And she never forgets
To feel grateful to life
For the little things.

© Lillian Figueroa – 11/12/2012

Dedicated to the love of my life, my one and only.

photo credit: somewhere on the internet

Side Note: I’ve edited this poem a million times. I added new lines, removed old ones, rinse and repeat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a poem go through so many changes. I just hope the end result isn’t too horrible. This is only the second poem I’ve written this year, after having had writer’s block for several years. And…I don’t know if there’s a point to this side note, other than to make excuses. So yeah, mission accomplished.

When You’re No Longer With Me

All the time I’ve spent
Memorizing your smile,
The look in your eyes,
Your kisses on my cheek…
It hasn’t been in vain;
They’ll be my favorite memories
When you’re no longer with me.

I guess I always knew
You’d come into my life,
Only to leave me one day
With a cruel goodbye.

That’s the way it goes,
I am one among millions.
You are one among a few,
And you’ll never be forgotten.

I fear that in time
You will come to forget
My voice, my name,
My eyes and my smile.
And everything will be
As if I never existed.

If I shed a tear, would it go unnoticed?
Would you even care to ease my sorrow?
And if I say goodbye today,
Will you remember me tomorrow?

© Lillian F

photo credit: not mine

Letting Go

Slowly, steadily
Let go of my hand
And look at me

Fearless, stronger
No need to rely on me
Any longer

I love you and I always will
But this journey
Has found its ending

Summer greens turn to Autumn yellows
Love stories become
Yesterday’s memories

Slowly, steadily
Look how far you’ve come
So quickly

Calmly, confidently
Let go of my hand now
And be happy

© Lillian F – 10/24/12

photo credit: 233times.com


Your Nightmare’s Echo

Your words are cold, sharp, and heartless
And they hurt more than the blade of this knife
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But only words could break this life
Your whispers echo and they won’t quit
So quietly spoken, yet built so thick
Your words weren’t meant for everyone to hear
They were meant for me, weren’t they, my dear?
Your fingers stroke my face, my skin
But it’s like a blade to the heart, I’m bleeding within
Your eyes are deep, once full of life
But now they’re cold, like the metal of this knife
They pierce through my heart and through my soul
Taking everything I am, everything I know

You heartless fool, you can’t feed off of me
I’m half past dead, and you won’t let me be
I can’t watch you do this, so I’ll do it myself
Take this blade from your hand and kill you myself
And your eyes are open, didn’t see it coming
I wish I could watch, but I’m already falling
This worthless life is already ending
Now all is gone, there’s no more pretending
You killed me with your words, your silent echoes
And I killed you with my screams, your nightmare’s echo

© Lillian F

This is a little different, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

With Your Name On My Lips (Con Tu Nombre En La Boca)

Today, I thought I’d share a poem that I originally wrote in Spanish. I don’t often translate poetry, but this one translated pretty well into English. (El poema original está incluído abajo.)


With Your Name On My Lips

With swollen eyes
and one lonely tear
caressing my cheek.
each finger, trembling,
longing to touch you.
With a shaky voice
and broken dreams,
I keep searching for you.
With a broken heart
and a distrustful soul,
I remain hopeful.
With little life
and a need to love you,
my feelings overwhelm me.
I’ve always loved you,
my body screams this truth
while it awaits you.
With your name on my tongue
and a kiss that never
left your lips.*

© Lillian F

*The last three lines (which were originally written in spanish) are from a poem by Pablo Neruda; his piece inspired my poem.


Con Tu Nombre En La Boca

Con los ojos hinchados
y una lágrima extraña
rozando mi mejilla.
Con las manos vacías,
cada dedo, trémulo,
añorando los tuyos.
Con la voz quebrada
y los sueños deshechos,
te sigo buscando.
Con el corazón partido
y el alma desconfiada,
mantengo la esperanza.
Con poca vida
y necesidad de amarte,
se deslizan mis sentires.
Siempre te he amado,
te lo grita mi cuerpo,
mientras te espera.
Con tu nombre en la boca
y un beso que jamás
se apartó de la tuya.*

© Lillian F

*Mi inspiración: “…Mi mano escribe esta carta en el camino,
y en medio de la vida estaré siempre
junto al amigo, frente al enemigo,
con tu nombre en la boca
y un beso que jamás
se apartó de la tuya.” — Pablo Neruda

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