Rules (And Taxes) Can Bite Me

How does a person become the rule maker? Because I want to be that person. Current rule makers are busy making rules that are retarded as fuck only serve to annoy people and make them do more work than necessary. Renewing your license, for example. Why must we fill out that stupid form (every time!) and bring 6-points worth of documents with us? It’s not like those documents actually prove that we know how to drive. (Yeah, because my being born really proves that I’m a responsible driver.) Then when you complain, all you hear is, “Sorry, but those are the rules…” That’s  the worst excuse in the world. Somebody MADE UP those rules, and they could easily unmake them if they weren’t such a giant butt-hole.

Buying a house is a great example of how much rules suck. Now that we’re considering buying a house, (because paying rent is the equivalent to throwing your money out the window on a windy day) we’re realizing just how annoying all these rules are. Why can’t you just find a house, make an offer, mortgage approved, sign, and be done with it? That’s complicated enough without all the back and forth, figuring out your budget, attorney/Realtor costs, inspection/appraisal costs, closing cost, other costs that they sneak in there, plus making sure the house has all the necessary C.O.’s. What the fuck? I thought there was only one C.O. Now I find out that if you finish a basement, you need a permit. If you add a garage or extend the bedroom or add a fucking window, there’s a permit for that shit too.

Why do you need permission to make a house better? Oh right, because even if you pay it off, the damn thing is never yours. You’ll pay taxes for the rest of your life, which is basically just a slightly lower mortgage. Why are we forced to pay taxes? Is it because those are the rules? You must pay taxes until you die. But only because they haven’t figured out a way to charge taxes on the other side. Do you realize that with cars and homes, we pay more in taxes than the car or house is worth? If the land is just sitting there NOT doing anything, why do we need to pay $5,000 – $20,000 for the grass that just happens to sit around the house? Because the money funds the schools? FIND ANOTHER WAY TO PAY FOR SCHOOLS!

This post was only supposed to be about how much rules suck, but then I realized that taxes suck even harder. And not winning the lottery sucks the most. Because if you win the lottery, you don’t have to worry about how much to put down while still leaving enough money for attorney/Realtor/closing costs, AND leaving enough for house repairs and/or an emergencies. Not to say that money fixes everything, but…yeah, it kinda does. So fuck.


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  1. The permit scam is THE WORST. We’ve been remodeling our house for the past 5 years and the amount of money we have had to pay for permits and inspections is beyond absurd. I am taking a crumbling eye sore and turning it into an architectural wonder with my own bare hands (okay, really my husband’s hands since I am more of a snackmaker/DJ than a carpenter) — shouldn’t the City be paying us to do this and not the other way around?!

    1. That’s ridiculous! I can’t believe how expensive PERMISSION is… You’re right, they should be paying US for turning piece of crap homes into something sellable! If only more people would get together and fight this, we really let them get away with too much. Tsk tsk.

  2. Sadly, you realize we vote in the people who make all these rules, right? One more reason to participate in all the (especially local) elections and to bone up on what people actually stand for…and what all the little “rules” are that we’re voting to pass or fail.

    1. True. Though honestly, I feel like MOST of them would keep all these stupid rules and taxes. They all want money. But yes, sometimes I wonder if we could make a difference, if people would just stand up and say something. Not just with taxes and rules, but also the high cost of living and low minimum wage. Everything’s backwards! 😦

  3. Well, if I win the lottery, I’ll be sure to help you out with some of those permits. 😉

    House buying is the worst! Hang in there. And do NOT buy more than you can afford, no matter what your realtor or financial guy tell you. Hello, commission? Yeah, they will oversell. Do not fall for it!

    1. Thanks Misty. 😉 I’m beginning to see how not-fun this whole thing is. But trust me, I am ONLY looking at things I can afford. I used to think I could afford more til I realized how many little things there are in addition to just the mortgage. FML! And it’s funny, all the houses I’ve seen, my realtor is like, “They are asking for WAY too much in my opinion.” Weird? Lol.

  4. But if you win the lottery, you have to pay taxes on that as well!!!!!!! There is no winning! Isn’t it depressing when you have to grow up and you realize how unfair life really is?? Hang in there, somehow we manage to “follow” the rules and play the game enough to find happiness. xo

    1. Don’t even get me started on having to pay taxes on WINNINGS! Of all the dumbass things. And why? Cuz that shit funds schools too. Yet schools are still full of little bratty criminals in the making! Lol. Being a grown up is SO depressing, Maria. Le sigh. 😦

  5. This is why I would prefer not to grow up. You lost me as soon as you mentioned mortgages. And taxes. Dear god. I had to do them for the first time when I was in Taiwan and officially working and that in itself was bad enough. Add to the fact that I wasn’t technically a Taiwanese national yet also not a complete foreigner and I might as well have made up my own rules for paying them. I’m still paranoid that I slipped out of the country without paying the correct amount…..

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