Talking To Yourself

Talking to yourself doesn’t make you crazy. We are all guilty of this. And if you think you’re not, then you’re a liar. I don’t necessarily talk to myself (out loud) but I definitely think to myself. Or sometimes whisper. Usually I’m home alone when I do this, so I’m not embarrassing myself. Not that there’s anything to be ashamed of, because talking to yourself does not make you crazy. (Just keep telling yourself that…out loud.) HOWEVER, when you talk/whisper/think to yourself in a foreign accent, now THAT’S crazy. I don’t know how this little habit of mine got started. It’s never just one accent either. It can be British, French, Southern, or some unknown and completely made-up accent. Maybe I’ve always done it, or maybe I only just started losing my marbles. I didn’t realize until just last week, and once I noticed, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Talking and laughing to myself. Nope, definitely no crazy genes here.

I also tend to make funny faces at myself in the mirror. It amuses me. You’re judging me, aren’t you? It’s not like I do this every day. Just when I’m really bored and standing in front of a mirror. (Basically, every day.) Tell me, do you think I’m crazy? Do you do talk to yourself in different accents or make funny faces? Please say yes, it’ll make me feel SO much better. Or don’t, whatever. I wouldn’t have a public blog full of stupid random things if I was afraid of being judged. So ha! Poor little blog. I used to fill it with semi-amusing thoughts or semi-decent poems, and now it’s not even semi anything. It’s okay though, because at least I can laugh about it…to myself…in a British accent…while making funny faces in the mirror.


Note: Lily’s brain can no longer handle the responsibility of writing a blog. It’s become too much. This is the kind of crap you’re gonna have to put up with until someone can figure out how to fix Lily’s brain. It’s a very risky procedure, so don’t hold your breath.


20 thoughts on “Talking To Yourself

  1. I’m not one to judge. I talk to myself and think to myself 24 hours a day. It helps when no one else will listen to a damn thing I have to say out loud. Oh yeah, I will occasionally speak in Korean to myself but only in the tub. Don’t really know why, I just do. LOL

  2. I think everyone makes funny faces in the mirror. I do. If you say you dont you’re not being honest. If you say you do, you are being truthful. If you write that you do in a blog entry, you are in fact crazy.

  3. Listen, talking to yourself and making faces at yourself in the mirror are sometimes the only way to get through the day. It’s the only way of ensuring you get intelligent conversation and look at a pretty face. So keep going!

  4. I never have a problem with being by myself in most cases probably because I talk to myself SO much. Or not necessarily talk, but I’ll have a running commentary of thoughts going on in my head at any given point in time. Also, I think the funny faces in the mirror thing is just one of those things people do when they catch themselves in the mirror. Like, “oh hey, it’s me! wait but it’s awkward if I don’t address the fact that I just saw myself so now I’m going to do that by making a weird face!” That totally makes sense right? 😉

    1. Same here, I have a constant running commentary of thoughts, some of which make no sense, but they make me laugh, lol. Glad you’re not judging me too much. Sometimes I think about something random/weird (in one of my accents) and then it just feels like I have to make a funny face to go along with it. Nope, not crazy at all! 😉

  5. Lily’s brain is absolutely fine and she is NOT LOCA. If she is, then we all are! The older I get the more my Spanish accent comes back, particularly if I have been drinking. 🙂 How fun to do different languages, you are multi talented.

    1. Aw, thank you! Yeah maybe we’re all locos lol. 😉 Haha, drinking will do that to you! I don’t have a spanish accent, but when I talk to myself, I will occasionally make myself have one… At least I entertain myself, lol.

  6. I sometimes talk to myself out loud in a thick Arab accent…or Brazilian accent so no you’re not weird. But the mirror thing? I’ll pretend you’re insanely normal. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Oh, I have ALL KINDS of conversations with myself, at least in my head…. The guy who offices right across from me though– he has full on verbal conversations with himself. He will ask and answer his own questions and then express shock or delight with his response. It’s pretty incredible to watch, actually.

  8. You’re funny Lily 🙂 “Lily’s brain …” Made me laugh.

    Yes, I’ve talked to myself, though I did project that I was talking to the cat.

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