In The End

There, there,
dry your eyes.
Tears won’t turn back
the hands of time;
but you can try.

You can cry and scream,
beg and plead,
pray to the heavens,
down on your knees;
little good that will do.

Or you can feign in defeat,
that you’ve forgotten,
that your conscience
is saintly clean;
what a little liar.

But in the end,
none of that will matter.
In the end, the truth
can never be detained.

In the end,
you never can
wash the blood
from your hands.*

© Lillian F – 8/29/2013

**Inspired by the song “Oceans” by Evanescence. The last stanza is a line from this song. I’ve always loved that line. Too bad I couldn’t do it justice. Writer’s block is a bitch! (I know, don’t you love how much confidence I have in myself?)**

8 thoughts on “In The End

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  1. Didn’t do it justice?? Don’t be ridiculous! I think the whole poem goes great with that last stanza. 🙂 Also, I’m super glad you’re back (even if it’s a temporary thing). I was beginning to think I needed to check your digital heartbeat. (Yeah. Lame attempt. Sorry, the writing’s gone a little rusty for me.)

    1. Aw, thank you! I tried…wanted to post something. Stupid of me to pick the Friday before labor day when no one was around! Oh well. Maybe I’ll write something else two weeks from now, lol. Haha, my digital heartbeat. It’s still going! 😉

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