Settling In

The tortuous office move, that I was convinced wasn’t actually happening, is finally over. No more packing and being temporarily displaced. And I’m happy to announce that my commute isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.Β In the morning, I can get there in 10-15 minutes. There’s more traffic at the end of the day, but I guess it could be worse. It’s not as fast and easy as my old commute, but all things considered, I can’t complain. Actually I can. (Don’t you know me at all?) The parking lot at this new office is so stupid. Aside from the fact that there’s no garage, they also made the main parking lot for visitors only. That’s right, visitors.Β So employees have to skip the main entrance, and drive to the second parking lot. Once you park, you have to cross a little bridge to get to the building. Why on earth should visitors be closer to the building than the employees? Rude.

It was a slow start yesterday, what with things not functioning properly in the morning, but once they got all the power working, and the phones and printers hooked up, it was all good. I didn’t stop working all day. I actually skipped lunch because there were so many things to do, especially considering it’s a short week. I usually do everything pretty quickly, but lately I have a bunch of things that are up in the air, and it drives me crazy. I hate when things are pending just because people can’t reply to my phone calls or emails. Get your shit together and get back to me. It stresses me out when I have all these piles of things to do. How dare they make me have “to do” piles. Rude.

I’m trying to get as organized as possible because next week…I’ll be in Oklahoma! No, that’s not excitement you hear. Oklahoma? Tornado country? Only one direct flight on a tiny plane, and the only other options are connecting flights? I’m gonna die. But anyway, if I don’t die, I’ll be with my parents visiting my brother for his graduation from basic training. Yay, he graduated! We’re all excited to see him again. I can’t believe it’s been two months already. I’m proud of my little brother. They’ll have family day activities on Thursday, and then the actual graduation is on Friday. On both days, we’ll be able to go out with him for several hours. We can only go to certain areas, and he has to stay in uniform the entire time. Talk about strict. After that, my brother will be heading to his advanced training in Texas, and we’ll be heading back home…on yet another connecting flight. *Cringes* I wouldn’t mind going to see my brother in Texas next time. That’s actually one of the few states I’d be interested in visiting. But Oklahoma? No offense but…it’s Oklahoma.

So, if you don’t hear from me ever again, it was either a plane crash or a tornado, or I just stopped blogging because I have nothing to say and nobody cares anyway. In all seriousness, I really hope we don’t die. If my mom is reading this, she’ll probably be mad that I’m joking about dying. Dying is not cool. Seriously, I don’t recommend it. Avoid dying at all costs. Have a good one, my fellow bloggers. It’s been real.



18 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Glad you are settled in, Lily! It’s no fun having to move and get adjusted to a new location, etc. Sounds like it won’t be as bad as you anticipated – but what’s up with not having parking for employees. I hate it when companies do that! So exciting that you are going to visit your brother! YAY! BTW, did he ever get my letter? Your parents must be so excited! Safe travels and don’t die, please.

    1. Thanks! Moving stinks all around. But at least it’s over! Although now I’m debating if I want to ever move out of my apartment…so much work!

      Thanks again for sending my brother a letter. I’m sure he got it, but I haven’t heard back. This letter writing thing is SO slow, and I know this is a busy week for them so I’m not expecting a reply. I’ll be there soon enough at least. πŸ™‚ Aw and thanks, I’ll try not to die. πŸ˜€

  2. Congratulations once again to your little brother Lily! Sorry to hear that all the office work is kind of tedious since the move. But I guess that’s to be expected when you do move lol? Your parking lot system seems so ridiculous. Shouldn’t employees be able to use the main parking lot as well? At least the traffic isn’t as bad as you expected :). I hope you have a safe flight to Oklahoma and get to spend some quality time with your little brother!

  3. I was beginning to think something HAD happened to you so I was relieved to see this post in my inbox. πŸ˜€ Office moves are never fun. Or moving for that matter. Glad things are settled, although I agree with you that waiting for people to get back to you is the absolute worst. Like can’t people be efficient and just answer my damn email?? Geez.
    Congrats to your little brother! Glad to hear he’s finished with his training (although I suspect that’s just the tip of the, well, iceberg in a sense). Flights aren’t very fun either but at least it’s a domestic flight! (If that’s any consolation πŸ˜‰ ).

    1. Aw, thanks! At least one person noticed I hadn’t posted in a while. πŸ˜‰ Moving in general SUCKS. I don’t think I want to move out of my apartment, like ever… I mean I want to, but it’s so much work!

      People who don’t respond can SUCK IT! How rude. I always respond as soon as I can. Tsk tsk.

      Thanks, I’m glad my brother graduated too. Now onto another training, but hopefully it’ll go smoother. Meh, hate flying…. But that’s true, I guess it’s better to be domestic but…IT’S OKLAHOMA! AHH… Lol. πŸ˜‰

  4. Good luck on that not dying thing. I’ve become pretty adept at it, seeing as I wake up every single morning without incident, so if you need any tips, you know where to look. πŸ˜‰

    Congrats to your bro. But yeah, Ooooooooo-klahoma. Now the song’s in my head. Crap.

  5. You just made me giggle. Please don’t die! Who will make me laugh on WordPress if you’re not around to blog? πŸ˜‰ In all seriousness, congrats to your brother! Have fun hanging out with him!

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