When Words Won’t Come

Impatient are
these fingertips,
poised on these keys,
a practice in

A storm rages
in my mind,
as I seek comfort
trying desperately
to fill these lines.

Can’t stop these pictures
in my mind,
can’t make these thoughts
come to life;
tormented, I stand
idly by.

loss, confusion,
anger, remorse.

Nothing feels right
when words
just won’t come.

Β© Lillian F — 5/20/2013

28 thoughts on “When Words Won’t Come

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  1. We’ve all hit that wall before. Sometimes the best thing we can do is exactly what you’ve done. Force ourselves to write something. Your “nothing” turned out to be pretty cool!

  2. Ironic isn’t it, when writer’s block can still give us inspiration? I can relate so well to that first paragraph. Chin up! I have faith the block will be gone sooner than you think. πŸ˜‰

  3. Loved it! How about if you make a bullet list of “things” and when you go to write, you have some ideas down? I do this sometimes, and when I start a new blog, it helps.

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