Family Time…And Stuff

I feel like I haven’t written a personal blog post in a while. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Thank God. Those are so boring!” Well, that’s a little mean, but I’m not going to stop now. The most recent change in my life concerns my brother. He decided to join the Army. It’s been a long process, but his ship date finally arrived. It was sad to say goodbye, but I’m proud of him for making a big decision like this and sticking with it. He’ll be working as a Health Care Specialist, which I think is great. Hopefully he’ll never be called to war in the event of a shortage. I was worried enough just about him getting on a plane! I know the first few weeks will be hard, but for the most part, I’m sure this will be a great experience for him, plus he’ll have great benefits. If all goes well, he plans to stay in the Army and retire after 20 years. So yeah, please wish my little brother good luck!

I spent the whole weekend with my family, which was really nice. We always have lots of laughs when we get together for dinner. Men are funny when they drink. We went bowling too, which is another recipe for laughs, because we all SUCK. I’m gonna blame it on the ugly shoes. Those people make way too much money on shoe rentals alone, probably a million times more than what the shoes are actually worth. And it’s not like they replace the shoes very often. Mine were all ripped and shit. I would totally invest in my own bowling shoes…if only I didn’t suck.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the only update I have. I hope you guys have a great rest of the week.




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  1. I wish your little brother all the best Lily and I hope you he stays safe! And your family is beautiful :). You look like your mom :). And I love it when you share personal blog posts. It just helps to know people on the opposite screen. At least he isn’t too tall for you lol. I have friends who have little brothers who like giants.

    1. Thanks Savindi! 🙂 Aw, you’re so sweet. I’m glad you don’t mind personal blog posts. I feel like lately, everything I share has been boring.

      I remember when I was taller than my brother. Then one day I woke up and bam, he grew a few inches. He’s taller than he looks in the pic. He wasn’t wearing shoes and I had a small heels on. 😉

  2. Bravo to your brother, and family. Many thanks to him too for the brave decision. Will be praying for him and other brave military men and women.

    Hugs and love dear, happy new month. May it be blessed for u and yours 🙂

  3. I’ll hold a good thought for your brother. And I’m glad you stopped to check in. I always enjoy catching up with you (though I’ve been pretty bad, lately, myself).

  4. My husband is a 20 yr retired Vet and he loved his time in.. I’m sure your brother will love the life he is embarking on.. traveling all over.. experiencing more then most people get too.. Prayers to your family for safety.. 🙂 Y’all are cute..

    1. That’s good to know! I hope that’s the case. It would suck if my brother ends up regretting this decision, lol. But yeah, it should be great! Thanks for the prayers! 😉

  5. Salute to your brother.. I joined the Army with my brother yet we were never together (boo).. he will do fine and just wait until that first visit back home after training.. Good Times indeed. Very proud of him Lily!!

    1. Being a former Army grad I wish your brother the best. Let me be the first to thank him for his service and wish him luck in what wll certainly be a life changing experience. It was for me and I’ve never regretted a day of it.

    2. Aw, you guys decided to join together, that’s very cool! Figures you wouldn’t be together but it happens. He wanted to go with his 2 friends but it was such a process that one ended up going 5 weeks before him, and the other is still waiting for his ship date.

      Thank’s Lynne!

  6. Big, big kudos to your brother for making such a big decision. And you have the cutest family! I also really enjoy personal posts because it reminds us all that you are a real person (or maybe just me) and photos are always good. 😉
    I think as we get older, we don’t get too much time to hang out as an entire family so when we do, we realize how great it can be. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lillian! Aw, everyone’s saying we’re cute, hehe. 😉 So what you’re saying is that sometimes you think I’m a robot? Lol just kidding. Personal posts are good.

      Definitely true that we spend less time with family as we get older. I guess as kids, we take it for granted, and now we realize that it’s actually quite nice!

  7. Good luck to your little brother!! And your family is the cutest! Your parents have approximately the exact same number of pictures of their kids on their fireplace as I do, so I already love them. 😉

  8. Oh man, that must be stressful to have your brother leave for the Army. Mine is considering it… and I am happy-worried for him and he has not even left yet. This is going to open a lot of doors for your brother so that is good, stay positive 🙂

    HAHAHHAHA they are making way too much money on the shoes. You should have a business on the side. Over winter break I went ice-skating in rented shoes because I suck at ice-skating so I am not going to buy my own pair, but I got a pea sized scar on my leg that has still not gone away. I think renting shit is not the way to go. Gross gross gross eww. That spray shit doesn’t do anything either. Feet are really gross.

    1. Thanks! You’re right, this can open many doors so I’m happy about that, and my brother seems to be adjusting well. 😉 If your brother decides, good luck to him!

      I know, the whole idea of renting shoes (smelly shoes!) just seems wrong. Who came up with that? Why can’t we use regular shoes to bowl? Ice skating I get that you can’t just use sneakers, lol, but yeah, it’s pretty disgusting if you think of some of the feet that were in there before you, lol.

      1. That is great that he is adjusting well!!! Thank you for the well wishes for James. I think the Army will give my brother a structure that he is craving but has yet to figure out a way to make on his own, if that makes sense.

        It is definitely disgusting, even if I don’t think about it or try really hard not to at some point I am like oh man are these socks thick enough? I think the bowling shoe thing is so that we all look like major dorks together!

        1. Makes sense! The Army helps people mature too. As long as there’s no need for war, I’m good with it. 😉
          Agreed, everyone looks dorky bowling. Especially if you have big feet. 😦 Lol.

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