The Art Of Stupidity

Take a look around you. Stupidity is in. It is the it thing, it is high-fashion, it is awesome. It’s so awesome that it can even make you rich. That’s right, you heard me…RICH! Who needs an education? Who even needs brain cells? Don’t hurt your brain or waste your time by thinking. Pssshh!

Why are you killing yourself working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? It’s not necessary. Forget what your parents told you. The secret to success is not hard work, persistence, or the ability to continue learning. (Or the ability to learn at all. Does 1 + 1 = 3? Okay, cool!) Take a look at these people who have mastered stupidity (shamelessness) and have made money while doing it.

This show is called Wipeout. Yeah…
bachelor nonsense
Because all relationships should start this way. Life is just not realistic unless you’re humiliating yourself in public all for the sake of…a rose.
Host of The Bachelor and its spin-offs. He gets rich by being overly dramatic and telling you things you already know.
Host of The Bachelor and its spin-offs. He gets rich by being overly dramatic and telling you things you already know.
I probably shouldn’t publicly criticize a child. That’s okay, this picture says it all…
The woman who made Honey Boo Boo. Seriously…the hell?
She's large and in charge. But I bet she can't even dance...
She’s large and in charge. But I bet she can’t even dance. Seriously, who put her in charge?
Celebrities…diving…into water. It’s never been done before!
All I did was have sex...I still can't figure out how I became a mommy.
All I did was have sex…I still can’t figure out how I became a mommy.
One sister’s shamelessness made all of them rich. Isn’t she admirable?
Good thing her father's rich...
Good thing her father’s rich…

I just know you want to be like them! I hope my future children take a lesson from these marvelous people. I’m sure their goal in life will be to do whatever ridiculous thing will get them on television. Not such a hard goal, considering how everyone and their mother has a TV show now-a-days, but it’s a goal nonetheless! I’m going to be one proud mom.

Disclaimer: Fake boobs and/or a willingness to walk around half-naked can also make you rich. You know, in case stupidity doesn’t cut it.

Oh, and on a serious note, they have officially run out of ideas for TV shows. What a joke.


19 thoughts on “The Art Of Stupidity

  1. Have you seen the movie ‘Idiocracy’? I think the only show on television in the future (in this movie) is called something like “OUCH – My Balls!” If all these people have babies, this is what our future will be like 😯

  2. Oh no…… I’ve been going about my life in ALL the wrong ways! I should’ve known better that getting a college degree and working is so not the way to achieve fame and fortune. And that’s what we’re all SUPPOSED to want, right? Fame and fortune? Duh. Things like intelligence are totally overrated.

  3. In an ideal world, stupidity would be painful, possibly fatal. Eventually, if the stupid keep interbreeding, there will eventually be so few intelligent people left that we are sure to rule the world then. That’s my optimistic view 😉

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