Surrounded by
A crowd full of laughter
And echoes of happiness
I am not privy to

But there’s no one to blame
They’re not the cause
Of my silent pain
No one is aware
Of how much I ache

To be like them
To feel that I belong
To not be
Or Miss Nobody-Knows-My-Name

To feel a sense of belonging
However short-lived
Just one blissful day
To live and feel loved
And unafraid

© Lillian F — 4/10/13


9 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Sadly, a lot of people probably feel this way. I’m glad you’re giving a voice to them. (Unless you’re feeling this way yourself, in which case, I would say you’re not alone!)

  2. Being an outcast is no fun. You know, that is why I try really hard to include everyone in stuff I do. I lost a few friends over the years because I wasn’t the exclusive type. But now I am blessed with an over abundance of friends.

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