Things I Can’t Stand – Part 2


I understand, to a certain extent, that tolls are necessary. I do not understand, however, why in God’s name New York thinks they can charge whatever the fuck they want to. Okay, so New York’s an expensive place to live, and I’m sure they need money to fix the roads that see so much crime traffic every day. But what the hell? How can most tolls be $1 everywhere else, yet it costs me $28 round-trip to get into Long Island. (We have to go through 3 tolls round-trip.) Long Island is an hour away, not ten hours. $28 fucking dollars? I could probably drive from Jersey to California and pay less than that. Do you know how many people travel to and from New York EVERY day? Let’s say there are 100,000 people traveling to/from Long Island every day…at $28 a person, that would be $2,800,000. That’s two million, eight hundred thousand dollars. Have you seen the roads in New York? Have you seen all the construction that never seems to end and never seems to actually help? What the hell are these people doing with the (roughly) $2,800,000 they get daily? Want to know what I’d do with $2,800,000? I would sue New York hurry up and fix the fucking roads so that people could have a pleasant driving experience! And if their excuse is that there’s no time to fix the roads, that’s bullshit. You make the sacrifice and you work from 10pm – 6am, one lane at a time, so as to not have to close down the whole road and cause more angry drivers traffic. You don’t set up cones and leave them there, and never actually do the work you lazy fart. Why is everyone okay with paying so much money in tolls? How is this even allowed? I should boycott these outrageous tolls. But since I can’t, I’ll just rant on my blog and feel better about it. Yup. K…bye.


P.S. I’m sorry if cursing bothers you, but I feel like you can’t have a rant without a few f-bombs.

22 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Stand – Part 2

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  1. It’s good to hear someone local be as pissed off as I was when I traveled to Maryland last year. My round trip cost me almost a hundred bucks in tolls which is just another effing tax no matter what the powers-that-be want to call it. Land of the free my ass.

    1. Sir, we have tolls in Maryland to discourage refugees from Delaware. Besides. pike fares are small price to pay for driving through the magnificent glory of the Maryland countryside!

  2. Tolls are so rare on the west coast that they’re almost quaint. I get to the east coast and it’s like someone’s playing a prank. “Want to keep driving? Pay up.”

    And $28? That’s insane.

  3. I’m not supposed to laugh at other people’s misery, but this [post oddly brightened my day. To the topic; New York seems so idolised worldwide as being the “City of economy” (or something along those lines) yet like you said…the money seems to be sucked in by the streets’ sewers…or *cough* government’s *cough* pockets *cough*

  4. We drove from MD to Atlantic City, NJ last weekend. And I commented to the hubs that it is literally highway robbery, because if you want to either get on or get off the NJ turnpike, you have to pay. And that’s not counting the 4 other tolls we had to pass through during our trip. And yes, we have easypass, but that just means it’s quicker to get through. We still ended up paying probably close to $30 each way. Maybe more, I wasn’t paying attention to all of them. It’s ridiculous, because the roads are crap all over. Well, except for maybe Delaware, but they are so tiny they hardly have anything to pave!!

    1. Yikes, sounds like an expensive trip. Highway robbery, for real! Yeah, ezpass only serves to get robbed quicker, basically. 😉 It’s convenient but doesn’t change the fact that tolls are ridiculous! It needs to end. 😦

  5. i live near Orlando and the tolls there are crazy.. I refuse to pay almost 10 bucks each way so I can get to the Magic Kingdom 20 minutes sooner. Makes me drop an F Bomb or two, too 😉

  6. Holy shit. What planet does NYC think its from?? 28 dollars??? As Byronic Man said, us West Coasters rarely see tolls and the ones you do see (in my case, like 2 years ago) are usually 25 to 75 cents (its probably gone up since then). Glad I only took public transportation the last time I visited NYC with my friend. Driving in crazy traffic is bad enough without having to pay ridiculous fees. Yeesh.

    1. I know, it’s really insane here on the east cost. There are two toll bridges, one is $13, the other $7.50, then on the return trip, another $7.50. So you gotta pay both ways, which is BULL! Omg, 25 or 75 cent tolls would be so awesome! Effing NY. 😉

  7. 28 dollars – are you serious! Highway Robbery!

    We don’t have tolls where I’m living and our roads are pretty good. Get out of NY while you’ve still got a couple of dollars in your pocket! 😀

    1. Total robbery! We have to pay 2 tolls going in ($13 and $7.50) and then 1 more going out, which is $7.50. They shouldn’t be allowed to charge both ways! We have to go to NY though because my boyfriend’s family lives there. Lucky, don’t rub it in that you have no tolls AND good roads. No fair! 😦 Lol.

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