Skinny Jeans And Big Feet

Skinny jeans are a part of life. You see them everywhere. Well, I guess you wouldn’t find them in a hardware store, but basically, they are everywhere. When I went shopping in Puerto Rico, I couldn’t find a single pair of jeans that was not skinny. I mean, hey, what is that about? What if a person isn’t skinny? What are they supposed to wear? How about marketing some fat jeans? Skinny biased jeans. *Shaking my head* I only just started wearing skinny jeans a few months ago. It would appear that whenever something becomes popular, the rebel in me shies away from that something. I joined facebook years after everyone else had, and I got my first smartphone years later too. Me, always the last one to try something.

Here’s the problem with skinny jeans. Aside from being biased, they are also a pain in the ass. Sure, they’re popular, they look great with boots, and they’re easy to find in stores. But how about when you’ve got skinny jeans and big feet? According to skinny jeans, any size bigger than a 7 means big feet. When you put them on, it’s a wee bit of a challenge. There’s no way to go in other than feet first. Takes a few seconds, but once they’re on, you’re all happy with your sexy self. Until it’s time to take them off. You shake your way out of them, sliding them lower and lower until you get to your giant feet. If you’re wearing socks, you need to take them off first. Or maybe not, because there’s no way they’ll survive the skinniness of the skinny jeans anyway. You hop a little, you tug and you stretch, you huff and you puff, and finally, FINALLY…you’re free. And then…you have to do the other leg. Ugh. It’s quite a workout. Damn you skinny jeans.

Haha, wow…did I really just write that and pass it off for a post? Hmm…yup, I guess I did. Well, you’ll just have to excuse me. My mind is still on Puerto Rico time and weather. These wintry conditions are not suitable for decent or entertaining blogging. I know I shouldn’t complain, as many of you have been freezing your butts off all winter long. But it’s my blog and so I will complain. HA! Okay, this is getting ridiculous. So, yeah…bye.




20 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans And Big Feet

  1. I totally understand your problem. I have the same issues trying to get into relaxed fit jeans with my size twelves. Just like a cheap hotel, no ballroom.

  2. I hate jeans all together. I have basically no ass and so no matter what kind of jeans I have on, I am constantly pulling them up and adjusting them to prevent butt sag. I have a few pairs of skinny jeans and a size 9 foot so getting them, wearing them and getting them off is one huge problem. I should try out those pajama jeans, they might be the answer! Great post!

  3. Oh, skinny jeans….. I’m like you in that I tend to shy away from what’s popular and not give into them until very later on. I didn’t get into skinny jeans until these last few years when all you COULD get were skinny jeans pretty much.
    I’ve once actually fallen over trying to take off my skinny jeans, but maybe it was my own fault for rushing around trying to be quick about it. Still, I never really had this problem with other types of jeans until skinny ones came along….

    1. Haha, I almost fell once too! Or more than once. It’s really quite a hassle, and a serious pain in the butt that you can hardly find jeans with any kind of flare, big or small. Tsk tsk to the skinny jeans.

    1. Lol, jeans are a workout! But…there are some really nice jeans, soft jeans…comfy jeans. I hate the typical old school jeans, they’re not comfortable or flexible at all. But good jeans do exist. Still, the skinny jeans, no matter how soft, are always a pain! Stupid big feet, lol.

  4. Lol! They are a workout to get on and off. I, too, avoided them for some time. Once I bought them, I had to buy boots to wear with them. And then cute flats. And then fun heels. Skinny jeans may just be a ploy from the shoe manufacturers! 😉

    1. Total workout! Haha, I was the opposite. I had cute boots and THEN I bought skinny jeans to go with them. 😉 That’s another problem with skinny jeans, they make big feet look even bigger in flats. Darn jeans…darn shoes! 😉

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