So…This Feels Weird

Alright, I’m not gonna lie. This feels…weird. Bizarre. Strange. Odd. Peculiar. I think I ran out of synonyms. Anyway, I’m back and it feels weird. I didn’t even recognize my own things. Even the floor looked different to me. I think the weirdest part was that the apartment was actually nice and tidy. Well, that won’t last for long. It was fun being in Puerto Rico for 2 months. Short vacation, huh? I enjoyed spending time with my family, and of course, the awesome weather didn’t hurt. You really can get used to a place after being there for 2 months. Of course, I had to come back to the real world eventually, so here I am. Winter’s like a shock to the system after being in 85 degree weather every day. Pretty sure I have a cold now. Oh well. So, I know I posted occasionally while I was away, but now I get to bore you on a regular basis again. Everybody say YAYYY!!! Oh, you’re not excited? Okay, that’s cool. Not like my feelings are hurt or anything. *Sniff sniff*

I gave my parents a nice surprise yesterday. We lied about when we were coming back, cuz we’re sneaky like that. It wasn’t easy making sure I didn’t slip and tell them the real date. Anyway, they were very happy to see us…obviously. You would be happy too if you got to see all of this. Just kidding. So that was fun. I got my car back too, and I didn’t even feel weird driving it. I thought I would forget where some of the controls were, or that the car would just feel off. It felt nice, and I know you don’t care, so I’ll move on to another subject you don’t care about. Our kitchen was beyond empty, so we were forced to go food shopping. I thought it would be super expensive, but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe we forgot to buy a whole bunch of things. Hmph. I plan on doing some cleaning this weekend. Our apartment doesn’t look messy or anything, but we should probably vacuum and mop the floors. That doesn’t mean we’ll actually get to it, but it’s the thought that counts. At least everything’s been unpacked and put away. I hate packing and unpacking, but for some reason, I ended up doing both our suitcases. Yeah, I wonder why I let him get away with that.

Okay, I’m really sorry, but whatever I might have written about that might have been interesting never existed has completely escaped me. So if you could be so kind, please forgive me and this pitiful post. If it makes you feel better, I promise I will have more time to read all of your awesome posts. The internet USB thing I had in Puerto Rico was only as reliable as cell phone service, which is NOT reliable, like, AT ALL. I had to use the computer outside, and the sun made it very hard to see, so I really didn’t get to read much. Sorry. I still love you guys. Hope you’re all doing well. Laters!



22 thoughts on “So…This Feels Weird

  1. Welcome back Lily and to be honest I know the feeling of how it’s weird to be back in a place when you’ve been away from it for a while. When I visited my grandparents in 2011 a part of me wanted to be back in Toronto because I had allergies over in Sri Lanka and I wanted to be rid of them. But when I got back it was like “what happened to my life. Where are my grandparents, where are my cousins.” It takes a while to adjust. Anyways have a great weekend! Rest up and it’s wonderful to hear from you again!

  2. Yay, welcome back Lily! I totally know what you mean about things feeling weird after being gone for so long. I used to feel this way every time I got home from Taiwan and I’d be like, “what do you MEAN it’s not hot and humid outside? what do you MEAN my relatives don’t live a few floors above us?” Well, I expect this feeling of weirdness will be epic when I manage to return to the States after being in Taiwan for almost 1.5 years haha.

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