Keeping It Short

Most people have tons of stories to share when they come back from vacation. I still have a little more time, but I sincerely doubt anything interesting will happen at this point. So this is me apologizing for being lame. And since I forgot my muse in New Jersey (who am I kidding, I have no muse), I shall bore you with a pointless list. Not only is it pointless, but it’s also in a totally useless random order. Yeah, okay, so…yeah.

Puerto Rico: The Good

  1. Seeing my grandparents and my cousin.
  2. Not freezing my ass off for most of this winter.
  3. A whole month of not paying for gas in my car.
  4. Almost a whole month without having to cook.
  5. Eating (slightly) healthier since candy melts too easily here.
  6. Minimal spending on groceries.
  7. Can get a little color back, not that I’m big on tanning.
  8. Don’t have to clean my apartment.
  9. Can do laundry every week for free. No charge for sun drying.
  10. Food is always good here.
  11. Practically perfect weather.
  12. Easier to find relatively cheap clothes.
  13. It’s always nice getting away.
  14. Don’t have to listen to my boyfriend complain about being bored.

Puerto Rico: The Bad

  1. Mosquitoes find me irresistible.
  2. Roosters think they own us. They also can’t tell time.
  3. I’m sad that my parents aren’t here.
  4. Cell phone service is practically nonexistent.
  5. Everyone always knows everyone else’s business.
  6. People talk way too loudly.
  7. Cows, chickens, pigs and horses roam around freely.
  8. No cable or internet on this street.
  9. Sleeping is difficult due to numbers 1 and 2.
  10. The roads are narrow and curvy.
  11. Those tiny ants always know when you drop a crumb of food.
  12. You start sweating almost immediately after showering.
  13. Getting dressed is difficult due to sweatiness.
  14. Stores are ALWAYS full, and as such, parking SUCKS.

17 thoughts on “Keeping It Short

  1. I’m hearing you with the BAD. Living in the tropics has it’s drawbacks. The mosquitoes absolutely love me and yesterday afternoon I was bitten three times by a fly (yes, you heard me – a fly) and now I’m swollen up like a toad. OUCH!

    I’m glad you had a lovely time – even with the bad 😉

  2. Dude, I can practically list the same things on MY pros and cons list for living in Taiwan right now. Even though PR and Taiwan are on completely opposite sides of the US, it’s amazing the similarities they appear to have. Speaking of mosquitoes, I lost 2 hours of sleep last night trying to kill one that got in my room. I finally fell asleep in exhaustion and I gave the mosquito up for lost (or hiding really well) until an hour ago when I managed to successfully kill it. It’s death has officially made my day today.

    1. Haha, that’s funny! Ugh, mosquitoes! I always get SO happy when I manage to kill one, cuz it’s not easy, sneaky little practically invisible things! So good for you, glad you got it! Even though it is kinda gross when you squish them when they’re full of blood…ew, lol.

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