I Wish This Wasn’t True

Sad news. My baby turkey didn’t make it. I can’t believe I just wrote a post about him and now…ugh. Every day we’ve been leaving him a few hours with his mom. He was always fine until yesterday. My boyfriend went to go get him and he wasn’t there. He looked everywhere for him, because he knows how much I love that little guy. Unfortunately, the cage where the mom is in isn’t baby proof. He could have jumped out or a rat could have come in. (P.S. I hate rats.) He should have stayed under his mom, getting warm, but I know he liked to walk around. I am heart broken. I know it’s silly to cry over a baby turkey, but I grew to love him. I cried a lot last night, and still this morning. It breaks my heart to think of him being killed. But if that’s the case, I just hope he didn’t suffer, that it was quick. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect him. I’m sorry his turkey mom couldn’t protect him either. I knew it was a possibility, especially once I leave. No one would have been as attentive as I was. He could have died at any time, but I didn’t want to have to know about it. I thought I could still enjoy him a little while longer. My poor baby was supposed to live a long healthy life. UGHHHHH. Stop crying! At least I have pictures and videos, though it’s too soon to watch them. RIP my baby turkey. I’m so sorry. If by some miracle, he wandered off and is alive, God bless him and keep him safe. But I know…that’s a long shot. Alright, that’s it. Need…to…stop…crying. I just did my makeup, for crying out loud. 😦

I’ll never forget you, baby turkey.




20 thoughts on “I Wish This Wasn’t True

  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I had a somewhat mad cockerel at the farm that was taken by a Serval (a wild african cat). I was like you – cried my heart out. I really do feel for you and the pain you are now having to go through.

  2. Oh no….. Lily, I’m so sorry to hear that! Trust me, it’s not silly at all to cry because that means your feelings of love and attachment were genuine. Sending you lots of virtual hugs and positive energy.

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