I’ll See You Tomorrow

I remember my dear friend,
Who always had a kind word
To say to everyone,
Though they never did the same.

I remember she was different,
That she often struggled
With the things that came so easily
To the rest of us.

And I remember the critics,
The ones who made fun of her
And any one of us who’d dare
To keep her company.

I remember last July
When all she wanted was
To spend the afternoon
With me and my new crew.

The snickers from my friends,
The peer pressure I now regret,
When I told her that I couldn’t,
But maybe some other time.

She asked me every day,
And every day I’d turn her down.
But she’d still smile and say,
“Okay…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Now when I visit her grave,
Without fail, every day,
My heart is full of sorrow,
Wishing for that tomorrow.

There’s no judgment anymore
At my keeping company by her grave.
If only I’d realized long ago
That it never should have mattered.

I only hope, wherever she is,
That she forgives my past mistakes.
If I’m lucky, maybe, after all,
I’ll be seeing her tomorrow.

© Lillian F
January 25, 2013

This is a poem/story that I’m sure some people could relate to. It hasn’t happened to me, but something made me think of this subject, and so I wrote. Nothing pretty, just feelings and words, raw and imperfect.


20 thoughts on “I’ll See You Tomorrow

  1. I’ve thought about how easily I was cruel to people when I was younger. Makes me cringe and want to apologize over and over again. I’m just glad somewhere along the way I got more sensitive, more kind. Awesome, thoughtful post, Lily!

  2. So well written. We always think there will be tomorrow, until there isn’t. How many of us just need one kind word, gesture, touch to make a bad day better? Thank you for sharing this Lily.

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