Shame On You, Mr. Akismet

Okay. Has anyone else noticed that Mr. Akismet hasn’t been doing his job lately? I got so many spam comments  the other day, way more than I’ve ever received in one day. All of them were sent via Facebook, which is probably why they weren’t automatically blocked. But come on, Mr. Akismet. I’m highly disappointed. The first spam comment I received referred to me as Rebecca. Last time I checked, my name was Lillian. Another said something about my beautiful skirt. Pretty sure I haven’t worn a skirt, and if I did, I definitely didn’t post a picture of it here. Another mentioned my being a Christian follower, and some other bullshit. All the messages were riddled with typos. Real subtle, spamholes. (Spam + assholes) How on earth could a person ever guess that those comments were spam? Cue sarcasm. I often wonder why people waste time with spam. What do they get out of it, anyway? It’s pretty offensive because they obviously believe that we’re stupid enough to fall for the comments. How rude. We are not that gullible, thank you very much.

Okay, enough about spam. I’m sure no one is wondering, but just in case, I’m still in Puerto Rico. I originally intended to stay for a month, but this month just flew by. I’ll be back home in February though. I’m not looking forward to the cold weather, but that’s life. Another thing I’m not looking forward to is looking for work. UGH. I really thought my last job would last forever, so I never put much thought into what I’d do if I had to leave. Stupid, I know. Looking for work is so discouraging. And just plain EWWW. Reality stinks. Had the world ended, this wouldn’t have been a concern. *Sigh* Just kidding, I’m quite glad we’re all still alive. I was really hoping I’d have the chance to get married and have kids. You know, have a life and all that. Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well, wherever you are. I’m going to try to savor as much warmth as possible. Maybe I can get a little more color in these next few weeks. It wouldn’t be right if I went back to Jersey whiter than when I left! I’m not a fan of artificial tanning, (why would I pay for skin cancer?) but a little sun every day is healthy enough. Toodles! Huh, I never say toodles. How odd. Okay, bye.



14 thoughts on “Shame On You, Mr. Akismet

  1. Rebecca…oops, I mean Lily 😀
    I was also inundated with lotsa spam (is that the same as Spamalot?) this week. 49 on one day alone! I assumed that my lastest post (and its attendant tags) that had trigged the deluge, but if I’m not the only one, then hmmm…what gives?
    I suggest that someone is either not doing their job or some algorithm thingy has been ‘improved’. Perhaps Askimet feels better now that it has ‘protected’ me from 1,159 spam comments. Shame it was only 900 or so the week before!

  2. Hey Rebecca, I love your beautiful skirt… LOL

    I’ve had a few of these as well, Lily. I think they send out spam because they’re trying to sell things. I guess if they send out a thousand of these and one person buys something they’re happy. They are truly ‘spamholes’ (love that word!)

    I’m glad your having fun in the sun in Puerto Rico. Lucky you! 😀

    1. Lol, thanks “Marie.” 😉
      The comments I get don’t usually mention any service, they’re just stupid and often make no sense at all! But man, there’ve been a lot lately. Stupid spamholes. (I like that word too.) 😀

  3. A lot of mine say that they’re from some “subscriber list” (whatever that means) and they usually have a hotmail or gmail address. Half of them say “thanks for the informative information!” and the other half is usually some random criticism like “this was too long” (I guess that one could be legit….), “I liked it only a little bit” or “not bad but keep trying.” Like they have any right to be criticizing. Geez. In any case, enjoy the rest of your time in PR! I hated looking for jobs too…. makes you feel like such a failure sometimes haha.

  4. I am oh so jealous of your warmth. Enjoy it while it lasts. It is 17* here this morning. That’s right, you heard me. And you are a bit further north than me, so imagine that. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

    My spammers are getting more creative and are actually starting to sound like real people, rather than spambots. But they still aren’t fooling me or my Akismet. Wonder why yours are getting through? Maybe they can’t protect you while in PR. Weird.

    1. Oh yikes, 17! Oh, that just gave me chills! Haha, yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the spamholes. They need to give us more credit. But yeah, I’ve never had so many go through and be approved. Weird indeed. Oh well!

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