When It Rains, It Pours

When someone says, “Let’s go to a river today!” your first reaction is, “Okay, sounds pretty harmless.” Except it’s NOT. Not when nobody told you that you would have to hike all the way DOWN to the lovely river. I had sneakers on, but that doesn’t make me any more adventurous than I already am…which I’m not at all. So we started walking towards the entrance, which was paved, but was on a hill. We walked for a few minutes and then we got to an area full of dirt and rocks. You know how much I love dirt and rocks, right? At this point, for some stupid reason, my boyfriend was way ahead of me with his niece. I was with his other niece and his brother, and then the rest of the group was WAY behind. I headed down thinking I’d find my boyfriend soon enough. In hindsight, we should have just waited for the group that was WAY behind us. A few minutes in, my (brand new) sneakers found themselves face to face with some mud. I was pretty pissed. The fact that my boyfriend was too stupid to turn around and make sure we were following him just added to my anger. Sure, leave me to fend for myself. Does he not know me at all?

So we kept following the road, stopping every so often to scream his name. At one point the road went up…like way up, with HUGE rocks. I had to use my hands which I was not happy about. Finally, FINALLY, we heard my boyfriend coming…from behind us. Why? Because we frickin’ went the wrong way. Because he didn’t frickin’ wait for us. So we had to go back down the huge, slippery rocks, and like an idiot, he was walking way too fast. We eventually made it back and I realized just how far we had gone. There was a separate road going down that we hadn’t seen AT ALL the first time, and it was right near where the dirt and rocks began. So I did all that hiking for nothing. You can guess what kind of mood I was in. Of course, we had to hike some more to get to the actual river. So we walked down some questionable rock stairs, but at least they had built a railing. Until they didn’t. The very last (and steep) part consisted of large rocks, curving down, with nothing to hold on to. I cursed a lot, but eventually, my boyfriend helped me down. We were with a group of people, and I’m sure they noticed my less-than-pleased look. But after a few minutes, I felt better. And yes, the river was pretty. It had a lovely waterfall. The river was beyond freezing though, probably because it’s so damn far away from the sun.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, it started raining. I mean, why wouldn’t it rain? So we had to try to hurry UP those enormous rocks. Luckily, it was easier going up than down. But then we got to the dirt path, which was concerning, because it was now muddy. I was happy when we made it to the paved road, but guess what? It was a fairly steep slope…DOWN. All that rain and we had to walk down and pray that gravity wouldn’t knock us off our feet. Then we finally got to the car, which was parked on the grass…wet, squishy grass. It was awesome. Truly epic. I really wish I was more adventurous. People must think I’m so boring, but I can’t help it. I don’t enjoy doing things where falling is a definite possibility. But I survived without falling. It was coming down really hard then, but at least we were in the car. Not that we could see the cars in front of us, but hey, who needs to see? When we made it home, it was still raining, which is unusual since it doesn’t rain much in that city. My boyfriend said that he loves running in the rain and since we were already wet, I thought, why not? Why not continue with this adventurous day and do something new? So we ran in the rain like a couple of weirdos and it felt good. We didn’t even get any strange looks. I wouldn’t try that in New Jersey though. So that’s that. Wow, this post is way too long. It’s also my first post all year! Umm, so yeah, that’s it…so…bye now.



24 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

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  1. Like a couple of weirdos hahaha. I love dancing in the rain, you should do it in the city I bet you will start a trend.

    It sounds like not only are you very adventurous but your boyfriend is also not adventure savvy. I have never been with someone (dating I mean) that doesn’t wait for his party, or help those that clearly need help down a steep hill. He blew some pretty romantic moments with you. At least it was really pretty where you ended up!

      1. Good! I would be really mad if the person I was with (I mean I know you were with more but the person who loves you above everyone else) just keep pushing on without you. Though I don’t know if it is worse to have someone that is stubborn and wants to keep going long after everyone else is burnt out.

        I love rain, but we don’t get it much in Az so it makes sense that we all go outside and play in it. 🙂 Glad you had a good time regardless of the drama!

  2. Sorry Lily, but this is really funny. I can just see you screaming at your BF to slow down. So glad your day ended well running in the rain like a couple of weirdos! LOL 😀

    1. Ah, don’t apologize. Any time something unpleasant happens, I always think, “Well, at least I can blog about it.”
      My boyfriend surely won’t do that again. And hey, who knew running in the rain could be fun? And we didn’t get sick or anything. 🙂

  3. At least your adventure ended on a better note than it started? Although I admit I was smiling through the whole post because I could relate to it so much. Angry people are funny when you’re not the one that’s angry. Oops, did I just make you angry again? Great picture at the end!

    1. Haha, glad you enjoyed it. I just hope my angry face didn’t make people think I was a bitch. 🙂 And glad you liked the pic too. Thank God for cell phones cuz I forgot to bring my camera to PR. 😉

  4. Oooh, pretty waterfall! So no worth a hike. I’m with you and the hiking/trekking/muddy/slippery thing. No thank you. Unless I can drive to it, get out and look at it without getting dirty and/or wet, forget it. Good for you for hanging in there. And for not killing your boyfriend. Sounds like that was a close one. 😉

    1. Agreed, not worth it. I could have just googled the river and admired the picture, lol. Ugh, getting dirty outside is so not cool! And yes, my boyfriend has no idea how lucky he was that I DIDN’T hurt him. 😉

  5. Oh lily… It sounds like you may have finally found a spine. We did gozalandia in an afternoon- my friend ran from the small fall above to the large below… In new trainers through the water- but she didn’t care. After reading your story to her, her response through hard laughter was “man, she would have hated being with us!”

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