Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is here already? It feels a little “off” to me, probably since I’m used to freezing my butt off in Jersey. I mean, hello, it’s frickin’ 85 degrees over here. It’s also very green, so I keep forgetting that it’s technically winter. December’s the coldest month here in Puerto Rico, and I still feel like one shower a day is not enough. I’ve been taking one in the morning and one at night. I know you didn’t ask about my bathing schedule, but…you’re welcome.

I’m sad that my parents aren’t here to celebrate the holidays with us. Plus, it’s my dad’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!), so I feel bad for missing both occasions. Their wedding anniversary is a few days after that too, so I’m missing yet another thing. I’ll make it up to them next year. They know I love them, and that I wish I could be in both places at once. I considered flying back to Jersey for a few days, and then back to Puerto Rico for a couple more weeks, but that would be crazy…and expensive.

I’ve noticed that you guys didn’t do what I so kindly asked of you. You were supposed to NOT be writing any posts while I was away. I don’t have time (or reliable internet) to read them all! Jeez, you guys. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the holidays, whatever it is you’re celebrating. Hopefully it’s Christmas, because Christmas is AWESOME. Just kidding…I’m not biased. In Puerto Rico, Christmas Eve is a bigger deal than Christmas Day. The 24th is all about getting drunk partying. So yeah, I’ve got a lot of work to do. ENJOY!



16 thoughts on “Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

  1. Happy birthday to your dad. Happy wedding anniversary to your wonderful parents. I’m sure they understand your not been there.

    Merry Christmas Lily!!!! I will take that 85 degree weather over thigh high boots lol

  2. Thanks for dad’s birthday wishes and anniversary wishes. Yes, we wish u were here but not upset have a very Merry X’mas and we miss ya. Love u!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday in the Tropical south!!. Don’t worry, you’ll be back up north freezing soon enough!!
    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

  4. As great as it is that you’re having a warm-weather Christmas, I have to admit I’d much rather be in a cold place during this time of year (I blame the media for this, although I’ve yet to experience a true white Christmas). On my end, it’s freakishly sunny and warm today (its the 25th already!) but still cold enough that most people are still relatively bundled up. Hope you’re partying it up this week! 🙂

    1. Yup, it just feels weird when it’s not cold. I HATE sweating, so right now I would LOVE to freeze my butt off. But I’m sure when I get back, I’ll be complaining that it’s too cold. Just never happy, I guess, lol Hope you had a great Christmas! I didn’t do much partying but it was nice. 😉

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