The Man I Thought I Knew

“He didn’t mean to do it,”
I explain in his defense.
“It only happened once,
And it won’t happen again.”

He told me that he’s sorry
But his fist disagrees.
He told me that he loves me,
But I’m a fool to believe.

I spend hours in my room
Trying to mask the scars,
But I cannot hide the pain
In my eyes and in my heart.

A life full of excuses,
Fear and pain buried deep.
And now I’ve become the girl
I never wanted to be.

He didn’t mean to do it,
But I know he’ll do it again.
Once or a thousand times,
I should have left him then.

Instead, I suffer in silence,
Unwilling to admit the truth,
That he is no longer
The man I thought I knew.

© Lily — 12/12/12

Side note: This poem is not about me. I know most poets write about things that are affecting them, but I tend to do the opposite. I hope this poem isn’t offensive in any way. May those people going through a similar situation find the strength and courage to save themselves.


30 thoughts on “The Man I Thought I Knew

  1. Good job, Lily. You expressed this well, even though it’s (thankfully) not your own experience. So glad you told us it’s not you, because your mom wouldn’t have been the only one to worry. 🙂 Rani

  2. Beautifully written, especially since it came from your heart without having been through something like that yourself. Though I myself have never experienced such horror, there are many who will relate on a deeper level to this post. Good of you to share.

  3. This is so deep and such a reality for so many women out there that it’s extremely sad. Though we both never have lived it & I hope we never know of this in our lives. It totally destroys a women’s spirit & essence when she becomes a victim of domestic abuse.
    Well done as always ur writing is amazing & I love u more then words can express.

  4. I got a little worried when I saw the title but I’m glad I read through all of it (including the disclaimer). You’re right that this kind of thing happens much too often and I’m really impressed at how you handled it!

  5. For never having experienced it, I think you captured the essence of what it is to go through something like that. Well done.

    (P.S. Just wondering . . . I see you are on WordPress. Is there a reason you don’t have the option to “notify me of responses” for your posts?).

  6. Things like that happen all the time. if only we could face it and try and put a stop, much lives would be happier. Glad you posted it Lily. Many will be able to relate to it.


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