A Grumpy Man With Gas Issues

Some people don’t seem to know the meaning of “mind your own business.” Actually, lots of people don’t. If people minded their own business, discrimination probably wouldn’t be such a big issue. Live and let live. This post isn’t going to be that serious though. Recently, I mentioned the gas shortage we had in our area after the hurricane, and how they made an odd/even gas rule to shorten gas lines. Things have gotten much better since then. So on Saturday, my boyfriend decided to get gas, even though it technically wasn’t our day to get it. The gas station was empty, so why not? The gas attendant didn’t turn us down, so we figured the odd/even thing had ended. Then this old guy walked up with a gas canister and stared at our license plate with the death look. He filled up, passed us again, and was STILL staring at our license plate. Then I noticed that there was a cop directly across the street from the gas station. So what did the old guy do? He started waving the cop over. UNBELIEVABLE. The cop ignored him and drove away, not that he would have given us a ticket anyway.

But seriously, who does that? How was it his business to make sure we followed the odd/even gas rule? I would understand if the gas station had a line of people waiting, but it was a ghost town. We weren’t making the old guy wait in line, and anyway, we use premium, so it’s not like we were wasting his precious regular gas. I guess some people just have nothing better to do than to make trouble for others. Douche bags. Part of me wishes I had given him a piece of my mind, not that it would’ve made much of a difference. (I gave him the finger as we drove away.) Still, I was pissed that he wanted to get us in trouble. I can’t imagine doing that to someone over something so trivial. We weren’t hurting anybody. Old man needs to get a life and mind his damn business.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, because I’m so random, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You guys are all so wonderful! I truly enjoy reading your blogs and getting to know you. And I am so grateful to you guys for reading my blog, especially to those who read and comment on every post, no matter how much it sucks. But whether you visit occasionally or every day, I LOVE YOU! This blog would be non-existent if it wasn’t for you guys. I also want to give a “shout-out” to a few people who nominated me for some awards recently…or like a month ago. OOPS. A big thank you to the following, and please check out their blogs:

Shannygirl from http://shanson3871.wordpress.com/
Becky from http://beckysaysthings.wordpress.com/
Artistic Milestone from http://artisticmilestone.wordpress.com/

I appreciate the nominations, and I’m sorry it took this long. The first time I received an award, I played by the rules. A few months later, I decided to stop participating. I think the awards themselves are great, and it’s an honor for someone to think you’re worthy of one. The rules, on the other hand, aren’t so great. I know some of you guys feel the same way. However, IF I ever get nominated again, I just might decide to follow the chain letter award rules. I don’t like certain things about them, but at the same time, I feel like a jerk for not sharing with you lovely people, because you all deserve the recognition. In the mean time though, just know that you are all awesome. I hope everyone has a great week!



35 thoughts on “A Grumpy Man With Gas Issues

    1. Lol, I know, I wish I had. Butinski is right. But when he was waving to the cop, he was several feet away and we were in the car, about to pay. We were just driving away when the cop left, and the old dude retreated to his car. I managed to give him the finger. Better than nothing, right?

  1. Living in Florida you get used to cranky, nosy old people. LOL! The upside is that you also get the wonderful, sage, live-and-let-live older people, too.

    We all love you back, by the way. Thanks for finding time to stop by my blog every now and again. 🙂

    1. Lol, that’s true. I’m glad there are the happy, live and let live people too. 😀

      And thank you! I enjoy stopping by your blog. I try to stop by everyone’s as often as possible. I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m working, cuz blogging takes up the whole day! And I don’t mind. 😀

  2. Oooo see.. I’m too much of a smart ass.. I would have said something..lol.. Not too long ago I went to Panera’s to have lunch and I all I get is a cup of soup and I eat about half of that and maybe half of the bread.. so I picked up 4 little pats of butter (one of my weaknesses).. and this woman looked at me and rolled her eye’s and clicked her teeth.. well I was in a mood so I sat my plate down and asked her “Do you have a problem with me or the butter?” she said in shocked believe that I busted her on her look “What?”.. so I said “Well you rolled your eye’s when I picked up my 4 little pats of butter so obviously you either have an issue with me… or with the butter.. which is it?” She goes “Umm Umm Ummm”.. so I said “See.. here’s your problem.. your all bark.. I on the other hand am all bite.. next time watch who you roll your eye’s at”.. LOL.. She just pushed my buttons that day!!!! She asked for her order to be changed to go and left w/ a quickness… hahahaha..
    And thank you for the shout out.. 🙂

    1. That’s what’s weird, I can totally be a smart ass! I think maybe if I wasn’t with my boyfriend, I would have been more inspired to say something. But either way, he was a little further away when he was waving the cop over. And NICE, go you for putting that woman in her place! Lol. That’s too funny. I love when stupid people get put in their place. 😀

      And Aw Boomie, facebook venting can be satisfying too!

  3. Holy cranky old dude! I have no idea what I would have done. HAHA I wonder what that cop would have done, it seems like more of a guideline… had you gone in and not already filled up the cop might have “sent you on your way.” All I can think is that guy’s life must really suck. The only joy he has in this world is to bring a couple of “kids” down? Stupid.
    Random but sort of on topic, my Dad used to be a park ranger (which doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means), he gave guided tours of Mesa Verde in Colorado. In order to do that everyone was trained to be very mindful of nature and their footprint so on and so forth (it makes sense that is the only way those ruins have been preserved as well as they are). Anyway he did that for about six months then we moved back home. Dad and I went hiking on a tiny mountain (we hiked all the time), as we were coming back down a woman had a dog the size of three of my dog running alongside her without a leash (before this point my Dad was going out of his way to pick up trash… like on the tops of really treacherous rocks to get the garbage some asshole had thrown away). My Dad saw the woman with the dog, and to his credit the dog did almost take out a small child that was hiking very slowly down the mountain too. He marched up to the woman and said “Your dog needs to be on a leash.” I was mortified, but to make matters worse she had headphones in so she took them out and replied “Huh?” Which made my Dad that much more irritated “Your dog needs to be on a leash.” Oh yeah… I am just gonna die over here, hi yeah that’s my Dad. She looked embarrassed BUT she didn’t have a leash so she had to hold her dog by the collar all the way down. SOOOOOOOOO maybe your old guy used to be a gasoline attendant, or a park ranger that was only in charge of gas stations, or a license plate maker, or some old dude that had nothing better to do but make you guys feel small.

    1. Aw, your dad embarrassed you! That’s not so bad though, and it’s good that he told her that. But yeah, some people really don’t have anything better to do. The cop could really only have yelled at the gas attendant, because it’s their job to notice. But really, the days that they were cracking down, cops were at every station. So since there were no lines and no cops, it seemed like it was a safe bet. Even though nothing came of it, just KNOWING that the old guy wanted to get us in trouble really pissed us off. Like two hours later, we started thinking about it again and got mad all over again! Just WTF people! 😉

      1. HHAHAHAH that is totally understandable. I would be pissed as pissed could be, mind your own bro. You should have said that he would have gotten so mad. At least it made for a good story.

        Yes my Dad did embarrass me and I don’t get embarrassed easily, I guess it was more that she was doing something wrong and he called her out on it. I like to just ride and think to myself that person is doing something they aren’t supposed to. It isn’t like she pushed the kid down herself but you are right it is good he said something and I am proud of him for it. :p

  4. Well deserved award Lily!1 I enjoy your blog alot.. as for Mr Nosey-Rosey, you should have acted like you did not speak English..start talking to him in some made-up language.. 😉

  5. I guess some people just feel like it’s their “civic duty” or whatever to pinpoint every tiny thing that flies under the radar. I definitely would’ve been annoyed at the old man too I mean seriously, like you said, if you’re not in anyone’s way there’s not much point in tattling on you guys. And it’s not like you guys were stealing anything. Geez. In any case, glad nothing happened and congrats on those awards! Well deserved. 🙂

    1. Yup, mean butinksi people! The gas rule ended this morning, so at least we don’t have to worry about any other cranky people. But yeah, it was so dumb of him to try to get a cop’s attention. If anything, the gas attendant was to blame. But the place was empty, we wanted gas, and he needed money, so no harm done!
      And thank you! 😉

  6. So you signaled to the old man that he was number one, with an interesting choice of finger selection… Hey, what is a douche bag anyway? That guy might have been more of a douche bottle. Or maybe even a douche nozzle.

  7. A friend of mine yelled at a man for pointing out that she was in line on the wrong day. After she told him off, he told her he had merely pointed it out for her sake so she wouldn’t have to wait in a long line because the attendants were turning people away who had the wrong plates!

    1. Lol, oh no! In that case, I suppose he was doing the right thing. With us, there was no line, and all the pumps were empty. I’m just glad it’s over, effective today, so we won’t have to worry about that anymore. 😀

  8. To be fair, it was an old guy who did it. Old people are rather crotchety. (Until you get to know them and develop a special bond with them, and when they die, you find out they were millionaires and they have left you all their money.)
    Pfft, it’s a real award now! It’s on the INTERNET. 😉

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