For The Last Time, I Promise

They know. They heard how much I love road work so they decided to bring it home, RIGHT to my street. Are you as excited as I am? The entrance to my living area is closed for repaving. REPAVING. It’s so awesome how they’re repaving everything everywhere. I’m not complaining though. It makes more sense than the poor patch jobs they were doing. Lazy fuck faces. See, that’s what pisses me off I love. They inconvenience you by patching up little sections at a time. Then they realize the patches aren’t good enough, so they inconvenience you even more by finally repaving. Maybe they should have just repaved initially, therefore saving time, money, and aggravation. Not that I’m aggravated. I love road work like unfit mothers love unplanned children. There is nothing better than having to deal with traffic leaving or entering your own street. NOTHING tops that joy. No wait, there is something better. Driving on a road where one lane is poorly patched and bumpy, and the other lane is stripped down and about 3 inches lower than the first lane. THAT is mega fun, kind of like a roller coaster. I love roller coasters!

Alright readers, I promise I won’t post again about road work for a while. No matter how much road work surrounds me, I will not speak of it. Even if they do road work right outside my front DOOR so that I can’t step foot outside, you won’t hear me complaining. I will suffer love and embrace it in silence. (In my defense, there’s been road work on this street on and off since last year. GO AWAY ALREADY.) But while I’m still writing this post, I will mention road work until it makes you me sick. Road work, road work, road work, road work, road work, road work…

Well, that didn’t take long.



19 thoughts on “For The Last Time, I Promise

  1. Awww I would hate that. One time dI came here to visit before I moved here. I stayed in a hotel downtown and they started working on the road at 7am right out my hotel window. It SUCKED! I get it. I hope you get so quiet soon.


    1. Ugh, they’ve been doing road work on this road since last year, on and off. SUPER annoying! Right outside your hotel window, how rude! I can’t hear it much. I live in an apartment that’s right off the doomed street, but I’m a few buildings back at least. It just sucks coming and going cuz you have no choice but to get on that road. No other way out. Frickin’ dumbnut construction.

      1. It is all about priorities. I know here, outside my neighborhood, they got done as quickly as possible. They even went out an email to all the residents saying when the project would be completed. But in some places I have lived the construction would take months.

  2. Of all government work, construction projects make the least sense. Ergo the opening to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But you, Lily, are the mistress of the strikethrough. Well played 😉
    (and muchas gracias for fb-fanning me!)

  3. Tell me about it sucks big time even prevented ur dad from going over this morning what the f###.
    Anywho want to hear about my nite had hair coloring appt decided to take the trusted minivan God forbid I get hair dye on the new car u know why lol… Stupid van was so close to tree I did not fit well drivers side keyhole is out of commission so I go back to passenger side realize dad left window open so press the door lock button which triggers alarm blaring horn driving me insane go back around to drivers side thinking that once key is in ignition fxxxing horn will stop but no now car won’t start not a single sound. Back to passenger side I go squeezing by tree looking for fricken keyhole so I can stop this blaring horn after two minutes of struggling to find keyhole success unlock door with key go back around since I can’t squeeze by tree finally blaring stops key in ignition success made it to hair appt with a minute to spare all because of ur dad. Hope u enjoy my adventure thrilling ahh…

    1. LOL…what the hell?! That’s crazy! Can’t believe he parked it that close. Geez, I would have been so embarrassed with that horn blaring for a couple minutes, awww. At least you still made it to your appointment but man, that sucks! 😆

  4. Ah yes, the right-at-your-doorway-road work. It’s like the officials are TRYING to get on your last nerve both by being a nuisance and by doing a shitty job. “Hey look, our citizens don’t seem angry and aggravated enough. Let’s do some road work and drag it out as long as possible by only working on it between the hours of 9 and 11 AM!” My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks! I think I’ll make it through. 😉 It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe how many times they’ve been RIGHT here on this damn road. They had it closed all day yesterday, and didn’t even finish! Way to cause traffic and then not get the job done…losers! Hoping they’ll finish today.

  5. At least there is a reason for traffic to be shitty… people come to my city in the Winter, they are called snowbirds and with no road construction they go five to ten miles under the speed limit. Step on the fucking gas… there are no workers here; there are no pot holes, if there are go around them. Annoying. Bring on the road work at least then I would have something to blame their mad driving skills on.

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