Road Work, I Love You


I love road work/construction, especially when it’s done during the day time. You know, when the roads are full of cars. It’s even better when it’s done in New York, where there’s never any traffic. It’s especially great when you’re not expecting it, and you get on the expressway only to find out that ALL lanes are closed up ahead. It’s just lovely when the GPS sends you in circles through a confusing neighborhood, and then wants to take you back to the closed highway. It’s awesome when you finally get past most of the road work only to get stuck in the regular evening traffic. And it’s really fun when it takes 5 hours to get to a place that’s an hour and a half away…on a Thursday. A fucking Thursday?! It’s like an adventure, and boy do we love those! And the fun continues when you inevitably have to go back home after spending 5 hours in a car, and only 2 hours with the people you were visiting. Then you discover that a very important bridge is closed, and you have to trust the GPS to get you around that line of traffic. Thankfully, the universe decides that you’ve spent enough time stuck in traffic for one day, and allows you to make it home in relatively good timing.

So, thank you for closing major highways during the day on the way there, and then doing night work on the way back. It totally makes sense to close multiple lanes on both sides of the highway at the same time. Because really, why should you do road work from 10pm – 5am, when there are fewer cars on the road? After all, it was imperative that you repave the few miles of highway that were actually decent. No need to repave the roads that are bumpy and scattered with potholes. No thank you. I love bumps and potholes almost as much as I love road work. My heart flutters when I see those famous orange signs. “Look, look! They’re doing road work today! I’m so excited! It’s like, everywhere we go, road work follows!” Did I mention that orange is my new favorite color?



27 thoughts on “Road Work, I Love You

  1. Sarcasm becomes you! I thank God for two things today… That I don’t live in a big city and have to deal with that anymore…and that the part of Florida I live in does their major highway construction between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am.

    1. Haha, thanks. 😉 Ugh, I know, cities are awful. We don’t live in a big city, but my boyfriend has family in NY so we’re bound to have traffic issues occasionally! I’ve seen construction go on at night RARELY…it should ALWAYS be that way!

  2. Rest assured if I am running late for someplace I need to be, I always run into traffic or construction. I need a helicopter 🙂

  3. Recently there was a TON of roadwork around town and they put up signs about the size of a bumper sticker warning about detours and road-closures ahead. The entire town was practically at a stand-still. Good times.

  4. I don’t know….. I think LA traffic might be worthier of being loved than NY/NJ traffic…. we always have to use the highways if we want to get anywhere and it’s SO AWESOME when it’s moving at the pace of half a snail and the car in front of you is braking every other nanosecond. 😉

    1. Ahhh, they’re probably almost tied, NY and LA. Frickin’ places have way too many people, and therefore way too much traffic! 😉 I love moving at the pace of half a snail, what are you talking about?! Love when it takes an hour to move half a mile towards the exit. Good times! 😀

  5. Hahaha! Love this post. When we went on our recent road trip we came across a sign that read “Roadworks for the next 65 kilometres”. Once we were through we breathed a sigh of relief and then got a few miles down the road to see another sign that read “Roadworks for the next 98 kilometres”. ARGH! I just love them too 😉

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