Shh, It’s A Surprise

Surprises, some people love them, others hate them. Personally, I could do without them, but at the same time, certain situations are made better if you’re not expecting them. Like death. Being proposed to, for example. I wouldn’t want to know when or how he’s gonna do it. Unless he planned on doing it in public, then I’d want to know so I could tell him NO! How do you guys feel about surprises? More specifically, surprise parties. Have you ever been thrown a surprise party? Do you wish someone would throw one for you?

I wouldn’t want to be thrown a surprise party. I mean, I would feel grateful towards the people who took the time to plan everything, but I’d much rather NOT be the center of attention. I’m pretty shy, so having a party thrown just for me would make me throw up feel so uncomfortable and awkward. Come to think of it, I should probably never have a wedding either for the same reason. Everyone looking at me while I’m wearing a white just-asking-for-a-drink-to-be-spilled-on dress, no thank you.

This weekend, my boyfriend’s sister got a wonderful surprise. My boyfriend flew his mom and two brothers over from Puerto Rico. Then his other sister planned all the details for a surprise birthday party. It was my boyfriend’s idea but his sister was the one who made it a reality. We live in Jersey and they live in Long Island, so we couldn’t help with all the details. I would have sucked at planning been so stressed dealing with everything, but she did an awesome job. She knows how to throw great parties.

When the birthday girl walked in and saw the party was for her, she couldn’t believe it. She was completely caught off guard. (We all did a great job not spilling the beans.) The best part of the surprise was that her mom, godparents and brothers were hiding in the closet. When she opened that door, she got so emotional, especially when she saw her mom at the end of the line. She hadn’t seen her mom in 2 years, so to say she was shocked and filled with joy is an understatement. She loved the party, but having her mom there was the best gift anyone could have given her. That’s one surprise she will never forget.

Surprises are fun, you know, when they’re for other people. I doubt I’d ever have to worry about being thrown a party, but if by some miracle it happens, do you think I could get away with hiding out in the bathroom all night? Do you think anybody would notice? Damn.


Aren’t these the cutest cakes? Yummy too.

24 thoughts on “Shh, It’s A Surprise

  1. I’m strange. I go 50/50 on surprises. For example…surprise me with a visit or a gift or a trip or a proposal…I’m good! But one year hubby made me make a christmas list… I was so excited about what I might get. I got nothing on the list. He wanted to know what I “thought” I might be getting so he could surprise me with something different. Okay, I got one or two things because he gave it to his family…but for the most part I was bummed. LOL! And bad news surprises…never good. :-/

  2. I don’t know how I’d feel about a surprise party thrown in my honor – I barely know what to do when they sing Happy Birthday.
    But that’s so amazing that your boyfriend and his family did that! 🙂 That must’ve been one of the best surprises in the history of ever.

  3. Surprises can be good or bad. For example, today I took the truck in because I had a leaking tire. Come to find out, the super old tires I had on the rear were starting to dry rot and needed to be replaced. Surprise! That’ll be $350 please. On the other hand, there are also very pleasant surprises. Like the time I went into the gas station near Wolf Pen Gap for a beef stick and, when I was about to leave, about a dozen exotic supercars pull into the parking lot. Surprise! Now go get your DSLR and pray your amateur photography skills do them some justice.

    1. Haha, exactly, it all depends on the situation I guess. Now I have to say, I’m surprised you didn’t realize your tires were slowly turning to dust. You know, since you’re a guy. I’ve been meaning to replace all 4 tires for the past couple weeks…they’re not nearly as bad as yours but it’s still driving me crazy and needs to be done before winter. 😉

  4. I am no good at keeping quite when it comes to surprises. I am a surprise ruiner because I just can’t take the suspense of holding it in. But I figure since most people don’t like surprises, it’s a good quality to have in a friend! Maybe that’s why no one ever surprises me! Hmmmm. . . .

    1. Aw, I can’t blame you. It’s hard keeping secrets sometimes. And even if you don’t mean to, it could accidentally slip. I kept wanting to mention plane tickets and obviously, she didn’t know her mom was flying over, so that would have ruined it. Thankfully we did good, had to keep the secret for like 2 months, ugh! 😉

  5. I love planning surprises for other people but like many people here, I’m rather 50/50 on being the object of a surprise. My college roommates threw a surprise bday party for me two years in a row so I guess I’m easy enough to fool. But I never know how to react and I suck at verbal expressions of love and gratitude. If I end up being surprised, I always just wing it and hope I appear grateful enough. 😉

    1. Makes sense, throwing it can be fun but being the center of attention, AHHHH! Aw, 2 years in a row and you didn’t suspect the second time? Hehe. You sound like me, I suck at verbal/facial expressions too. I would just stand there like uhhh, ohhh, wow, thanks! I’d be so lame and embarrassed. 😉

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