Hide And Seek, Or Run For Your Life

**True Story**

Sometime in the afternoon on a beautiful summer day, I found myself in his arms, feeling quite content. I was 15 and not allowed to date, but there I was anyway, hanging out with my then-boyfriend. My mom worked the typical 9-5 shift and my dad worked nights, so there were a few hours a day when nobody was home, except my brother. Like any teenager, I took advantage of that. Sorry mom and dad. I snuck my boyfriend over every now and then after school. We’d talk, we’d make out, and then we’d say goodbye, and no one ever knew. Until one fateful day…

We were hanging out when suddenly, I heard a noise. I sensed it was the sound of a car door closing…my MOM’s car door. “What? She’s home early! What do we do?” We were both absolutely terrified. He was shaking like a leaf and stuttering like a fool. “Under the bed, hide under the bed!” I ran out to see if it really was my mom, and sure enough, she was making her way inside. I ran back to my room and saw him standing there like an idiot. “What the hell are you doing?!” He told me he didn’t fit under the bed so I stuffed him into my closet. Then I ran back out to greet my mom.

I don’t know how she didn’t immediately realize something was off. I’ve never been more nervous. I said something like, “Mom, the dog is acting kind of weird. I think you should go look at her. She’s got issues.” Oddly enough, she believed me and went to check on the dog. I ran back to my room, grabbed him, and told him to run like hell. I thought we were safe, but just as my mom returned, I realized that his shoes were sitting by the door, all conspicuous. My brother and I invented the most lame excuse ever. “Oh, some kid left his shoes on the bus. Um, he had an extra pair of shoes for some reason. I thought I’d bring them home and give them to him tomorrow.” Seriously, who takes someone else’s shoes? My mom looked at us like we were crazy, and rightfully so. She left the room, and then my brother grabbed the trash and the shoes, and headed outside. He found the shoe-less guy and gave him back his shoes. When he came back inside, he told our mom that he was just throwing out the trash. Because teenage boys love proactively throwing out the trash without you telling them to.

Afterwards, my brother and I couldn’t help but laugh about the whole thing. I can still picture him running for his life WITHOUT his shoes; that was priceless. Of course, a few weeks later, my mom surprised us AGAIN. We obviously didn’t learn our lesson. He hid out back, but it was too late. Mom had seen his truck and knew he was there. I was punished and he broke up with me, claiming that I needed to work things out with my mom and that he didn’t want to come between us. He was my first boyfriend and I was heart-broken. I clung to the false hope that we’d get back together one day. Several months later, I found out that he had another girlfriend, who he started seeing just WEEKS after breaking up with me. Thanks for stringing me along, douchebag.

Do you have any similar stories of being busted or almost caught? I’d love to hear them!

Disclaimer: In hindsight, I probably deserved this. He had dated one of my best friends before me, and I, very stupidly, dated him anyway. She had said she was okay with it, but I should have known she’d be hurt. I lost a friend all because I was so excited at the thought of having a boyfriend. Definitely wasn’t thinking straight.



21 thoughts on “Hide And Seek, Or Run For Your Life

  1. What kid ever is thinking straight? 😀
    I’m sure we’ve all got similar stories but my sister, unlike your brother, would never have helped me out of trouble. Far from it – she would usually find me and I’d be in more trouble than if my Mom found out 🙂

  2. Hahaha, I can’t believe you actually shoved him in the closet! I thought that only happened in films! That excuse for a kid leaving shoes on the bus is genius. My mum once walked in on me and my boyfriend canoodling in bed (innocently, I must stress), and my excuse was ‘I fell’. 🙂

  3. Hahaha! The image of a shoeless guy too funny. I wasn’t allowed to date either but I had my first official boyfriend at 18 or so. My mom had a shop and we all used to hang out there no boys allowed of course but one day mom went to church and so my much older boyfriend came over

    Mom came back having forgotten something and there I was with some guy and my friends… My mom looked at me like you know you are dead right lol. I lied and said he was my friend’s cousin; but moms are ever so perceptive, she firmly asked him to leave lol. I was so embarrassed… I dated him until I think 20. But he was an absolute douche too, he hit me, and that was it

  4. This an amazing post! This happened to me! But I was in a different country! I went to college in England for a bit, and I was dating my now husband. My mom had been calling my cell phone and I kept ignoring it during the night. I was at my bf’s dorm and I slept over there. She had called the RA to check and see where I was and she check my bf’s room and there I was! So I told the RA to tell her that I’d call he in the morning. Oh man I was I worried. I told her that I was making pancakes over there at 3 in the morning or whatever. Haha who does that? Why was that my first thought? Sooo weird. But yeah super embarrassing.
    Also, I did the same thing with my first bf. My friend had liked him, but I started dating him because he liked me. I think you’re right. Girls just get so excited about having their first boyfriend that they will hurt other people and not realize it!

  5. Too funny.. Oh boy my dad walked in my room where i had just kissed the preacher’s son.. (he was my BF I think we were both 16 then)..I was so embarrassed and all my Dad said was” Uh, time for your guest to leave don’t you think”..trust me, i never made the mistake of kissing anyone in my room again after that 🙂

  6. Freaking hilarious. But hey, you were 15. 😉 I never went out with anyone in high school but even so, my dad was always on the lookout. I could have a 3-sec phone conversation with some kid asking me what the homework was for tomorrow and the next day, my dad would say, “So….. who was that on the phone yesterday?” Sigh.

  7. This is hilarious, Lily. I giggled all the way through reading it. I haven’t had anything like this happen to me (how I loved it when you told him to get in the closet!) 😀 😀

  8. Very fifteen.. haha. Running without shoes, I think that’s fair enough for dating a girl just few weeks after you two broke up. hehe real priceless. I could imagine it. haha. I know boys from high school who do the same thing, like they have a quota of girls to date in a year. lol 😀

    1. Yup, totally fifteen. 😉 It was funny, and I think there were puddles and he was running shoeless, lol. He was actually a major dork who didn’t date a whole lot but yeah, that was a pretty douche move! 😉

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