Look At Me, I’m Growing Up!

OH-EM-GEE, somebody call the paramedics. I think I might possibly, maybe, kinda-sorta, actually enjoy cooking. No wait, you don’t understand…I don’t cook. Up until recently, I could only make rice, stir fry, and pasta stuff (lasagna, baked ziti, spaghetti). All super easy things that require very little skill. But I didn’t know how to cook anything puerto rican, which is sad…because I’m puerto rican. My boyfriend has been doing 90% of the cooking, which is great…for me. He’s not that thrilled about it. Now that I’m home all day, there’s really no excuse for me to be a lazy ass not to learn. Honestly, it’s all YOUR fault because this blogging thing is so addictive.

So yesterday, I said, “FUDGE IT! I’m gonna cook! And if it sucks, I’ll just throw it out and he’ll never know!” (Okay, so I didn’t just magically decide to be an adult, but rather, my boyfriend hinted that he wished he didn’t have to cook all the time.) I decided to start early, while I was alone, so that there would be no witness to my possible failure. I googled, I asked my mom a few questions, and then finally, I just went for it. As I was seasoning the meat, I thought to myself, “Hey, this is kind of fun. Kind of like art.” And while the meat was cooking, I looked at the sauce pan and was filled with pride. “I’m cooking…I’m actually cooking! Oh wait, it might taste like shit, so let’s not get too excited.”

In the end, it looked, smelled and tasted quite delicious. I know I still need lots of practice. I want to be like my parents and grandparents who can cook without measuring anything because they just know. I want to be able to cook without even tasting the food, confident in the fact that it will be awesome in the end. But either way, this was a big deal for me. I’m very proud of myself for trying something new. Cooking is kind of like art; it feels good to be able to “create” something. And my boyfriend was shocked and amazed! Of course, now he might expect me to cook every day. Oh no, what have I done? I need to start practicing immediately. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Pork chops. I did it all by myself!

27 thoughts on “Look At Me, I’m Growing Up!

  1. Looks fantastic – well done!!! I know exactly how you feel. When I first cooked dinner for a boyfriend of mine, I had to phone my sister and ask her how to boil an egg?!?!?! Then again, what the hell was I thinking with boiled eggs anyway??? 🙂

      1. Chef Lily, yes I like that too!

        Cooking can be a lot of fun, I like to try out a new recipe once a week, but it’s been more like once a month lately.

        Always a great idea to have 3 dishes you’ve mastered; one down, two to go. Unless you count eggs. 😉

        Yay Lily!

  2. I love how you say things then cross them out. That always gives me a grin.

    Your pork chops look delicious! Cooking is fun – and I’m a terrific cook – I like my own cooking better than almost anybody’s I know – including restaurants!

    But I did NOT learn to cook when I was home with my mom. I think the first thing I cooked when I was first married was I added some browned ground beef to a box mix of Lipton Vegetable Soup, and called it home-made soup. So I’m really impressed with you making PORK CHOPS IN SAUCE already. Wow!

    You WILL get to where you don’t have to measure because you just know. And you’ll even get to where you know what herbs and spices to mix together with what other ingredients to create new dishes anytime you feel like being creative. I did. I wasn’t even bright enough to know that was the goal LOL.

    I make new stuff all the time. Trouble is, my husband, who loves whatever I cook, always wants to know, “What’s this called?” So I give him generic names like “Pork Chops in Sauce.” And then he goes, “No! You need a better name!” So I make him help me name the “recipes” I create. He’s always saying I should send them in to “the Press” (that’s our local newspaper – they print recipes in their food section).

    Everything in life has a learning curve. The journey is the pleasure – the destination is just a bonus. And if something turns out crappy – just throw it away. Nobody needs to know but the garbage man 🙂

    1. Thanks! I guess I took a bit of a risk making that. I was gonna do barbecue pork chops in the oven and then decided on pork chops in sauce or whatever you call them! 😉

      That’s great, you seem like a very good cook. I hope to reach that point one day. Your husband seems like a funny guy. But hey, it’s probably fun picking out names for your recipes. And why not send them to the paper? I think that’s pretty cool.

      Thanks for your kind words! I was fully prepared on throwing the food away and not telling a soul, but luckily, I didn’t have to. 😀

  3. Not that I’m any sort of food judge, but that looks fantastic for a first time cooker! 🙂 I started cooking for myself after I moved out of the college dorms my third year and found that I also liked cooking. I hate doing dishes though so my requirement for my future husband is that he has to do all the dishes afterwards. Cooking is a tiring business! 😉

    1. Thank you! Agreed, it is tiring. Especially certain meals that require you to dirty practically every pot/pan you own, grr. I LOATHE dishes too. I think that’s a pretty good requirement for you to have! As for me, being home, dishes are another thing I’m stuck with. I should get back to work asap. 😉

  4. Good for you! Loved finding your blog! My daughter is 24 too and had all of a sudden decided she likes to cook as well. I used to try to get her to bake with me and we have a sentimental joke about smelling the vanilla… She can be home for a few days and If I am baking something and it is past ten…. sometimes I will go kiss her awake like I used to and bring in the vanilla to make her smell it! lol. Love that you are random! Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Haha, smell the vanilla, that’s funny. 😉 When I was home, my mom tried getting me to watch her cook but I didn’t really show much interest. (Sorry mom.) And now I think I might like it, go figure! Thanks for stopping by my random blog! 😀

  5. I’m always reluctant to try to cook dinners because baking (and the lovely exact recipes that go with it) are more my style but I do love the thought of being proud to invite people over for a home cooked meal and I think I may well take inspiration from your new found enthusiasm and quietly give it a bash!
    Oh and those chops look delicious!! 🙂

  6. I’m so proud of you and see when you set your mind to it anything is possible. You’ll be a pro in no time. I got marry not knowing how to cook and look at me now just be patient and don,’t be afraid to experiment that’s what it’s about. Kudos to you. Sorry I’ve been so busy at work had not had a chance to read your blogs.

    Love you, Mom

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