What Is She Talking About?

Dear readers,

Do you know who I am? Whoa, what a weird question to ask so early on. Sorry. I’ve recently realized that my blog isn’t 100% me. I share poems, I try to be funny from time to time, but none of that really makes me a real person. Maybe that’s a good thing, because the real me is lame and she knows it. But maybe I want you guys to know me personally, or as personally as possible considering you can’t actually see me…or can you? Holy creepiness.

I tell myself that I need to post at least 3 times a week, but pressuring myself doesn’t make for good material. I think I need to take my time and let it flow. My blog is all sorts of random, and it probably always will be, but in between all the randomness, I want to try putting more of myself into my posts. I enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers through their stories, so I’m going to try to do the same thing. We can’t always write to entertain, can we? Nothing wrong with being vulnerable and just writing what you feel. (Some of you lovely bloggers have told me that before, so thank you!)

I don’t know why I’m announcing this tiny change. Maybe it’s because I have writer’s block, and this is just a clever way of hiding that fact. Except, I just told you…damn. Clearly, I have to work on a few things.



18 thoughts on “What Is She Talking About?

  1. Is there any *real* reason that you think you are lame? Or is that just a story that you keep spinning to ensure that it has the chance at being a reality? Also, you referred to yourself as “she” which means that you too have voices in your head.

    1. Haha…I say I’m lame because my life isn’t nearly as exciting as some people around here. Nothing ever happens to me, although maybe that’s not such a bad thing. And aw shucks, I revealed my secret about the voices…yes, yes it’s true.

      1. Are we talking about winning the lottery or getting hit by a bus? Both of which are very exciting events (not lame at all). Hey! What if you won the lottery and later was hit by a bus. Wow, people would be talking about you for days. …but I’m not wishing that on you. Cross the street carefully today, would you?

  2. I kind of felt that way early on with my blog. It’s hard when there are endless amounts of things to write about. I think the readers that stick with you the longest really know the true you. It’s good to have random posts. Not all posts can be funny or insightful, you know? There are so many parts to us as people, that it makes sense that our posts would go in many, many different directions. I know mine do 😉

    1. So both of us Lily’s are random, go figure! 😉 Yeah, you’re right, there is a lot to write about. I’m gonna try to worry less and just write to write and hope that whatever comes out makes sense. 😀 I used to have blog posts scheduled in advance…not so much anymore. Oh well. 😉

  3. What? You mean everything I figured out about you through your previous posts weren’t the REAL you?? Oh my god, I feel so betrayed!
    Seriously though, even if you didn’t get all deep and personal, I still feel like I have fairly good idea (for internet standards) of what you’re like as a person through your writing style. Or maybe I’m just psychic….. but in any case, whatever you decide to write I’ll still look forward to reading them! 🙂

    1. Haha. 😉 That’s true, I guess you can figure out some things through my randomness. And now there will be more! Or maybe this post was just one big lie. Muahahaha! Just kidding. We’ll see how “opening up more” goes. Thanks!

  4. I have seriously got to change my “post a comment” box so that it says “Come On, Tell Me What You Think,” like yours does.

    And like thatfunnyblog-guy said at the top (in a little too weird of a manner for my taste, but hey, i’m lame, myself, in some peoples’ opinions): LAME IS GOOD!

    I, for one, am a HUGE fan of unremarkable days. And I love to read random blogs almost more than I love to read pointed ones.

    Keep ’em coming, Lily!

  5. I know what you mean with the whole “need to blog” thing. If I don’t post something at least once a week, I feel like I’m abandoning everyone (3 people) who follow my blog. Anyways, we are both faithful students in the school of sarcasm so you can’t be THAT lame. Or are you saying I’m lame? Wow, that hurt. Or am I just being sarcastic? Now I’ve confused myself.

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