I Poured The Wine

I am undeserving
of your words,
your heart, your soul,
a moment of your time.
I dare not ask
for your forgiveness.

Open your eyes now,
no longer afraid
that I will hurt you.
I could never again
be the one to leave you,
love you, hate you,
and betray you.

Let go of my hand now,
take in all my lies.
I confess,
when you were drunk,
I poured the wine

Walk away,
and leave me behind.
My eyes won’t cry,
nor will they plead.
They show no love
to keep you here.

‘Cause when you were drunk,
I poured the wine.
When you chose to love me,
I questioned why.
When still you stayed,
I bid you goodbye.
Could never say, “I love you.”
I refuse to lie.

© Lillian F – 2006


8 thoughts on “I Poured The Wine

    1. Oh, you haven’t seen dark. I’m afraid to publish the really dark ones. 😉 All my poems are from a while back. I just like to share some from time to time. (Especially when I’ve got writer’s block and no idea what to post.)

  1. Should someone in real life actually be brave enough to emulate the last stanza, I’d give them a one-person standing ovation. But I’ll give YOU a one-person standing ovation first for writing it in the first place. 🙂

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