Let Me Go Back

Let me go back to when stars would shine
Their twinkle would reflect in my eyes
And bring about a smile to my face
Taking me back to a different place

Let me go back to when things made sense
Before my smile became just a pretense
Before I was smothered by this mask I wear
Back to when hearts could never tear

Take me back, I can’t stay here any longer
Take me back to when I felt so much stronger
Let me go back to when things felt right
When the sun would shine all day, and hide at night

Back to when happiness meant something to me
Let me go back to when I used to believe

© Lily

Although this poem was not written about 9/11, I feel like parts of it are fitting. “Back to when I used to believe.” Back to when this world didn’t seem like such a cruel place. To all those who lost their lives, and to the family and friends who were left behind to grieve, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To those who caused this unnecessary and unforgivable tragedy, may you never be at peace again.


10 thoughts on “Let Me Go Back

  1. It was a horrible day in America and we now must love/live each moment with grace.. Thank you for posting these lovely words!

  2. A very fitting tribute indeed. Well done.

    On a tangent, it seems like all your old poems were very sobering and rather melancholy. I was just curious as to whether it was because, as you once said, it’s easier to write about sad things or whether your life then was more sad. But don’t feel like you have to answer or share anything, it’s more an observation I’m making. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lillian. 😉

      That’s a good question and I have no problem answering. For some odd reason, I always found it easier to write about sadness, even if I wasn’t feeling sad. I felt like when I tried being “lovey dovey” it would come off sounding corny or trite. (Well, I guess the sad ones can be trite too!) And the other reason is I wrote WAY more poems in spanish than in english, and those were equally split between love and sadness. Too bad I can’t really share them here. And all the poems I’ve shared so far are old. Haven’t written in a long time. 😦

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