8 thoughts on “Cablevision Unveils Something, And Nobody Gives A Shit

  1. What a bunch of morons. “help more people appreciate Optimum’s potency” is just so much BS I can’t stand it. The sad thing is how much they probably paid someone to create (and I use the term loosely) that fantasically out-of-this-world POS. Nice catch…

    1. Seriously, these people should be ashamed! The whole article was a load of crap, and the commercial, LAME. I can’t believe they used the word PRODUCED… I didn’t know shit needed to be “produced.” Thanks. 😉

  2. I suppose it should be a good thing that I’ve never heard of Optimum…. but then again, I don’t really pay all that much attention to tv in general. These folks just want to make themselves feel better that they invested however much time and money on this new logo and to feel productive, they have to use the word “produced.” *insert eye roll*

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