At Last, They Were Silent

She holds a gun to her head
As the world stands witness
She wipes the sweat off her brow
As the world goes on laughing
She wouldn’t dare, they say
Her determination heightens
All it took was a simple push
And at last…they were silent

© Lillian F

I wrote this poem a while ago, based on a story I had heard about bullying. It’s so sad how often victims of bullying resort to suicide. Bullying is a huge problem in this country, but it seems that people aren’t always willing to address it. I wonder if the parents of bullies are teaching their kids that they’re better than everyone else. I wonder if bullies are abused at home, and therefore feel they have the right to abuse others. I wonder if the parents of the victims aren’t around to notice the signs, or are too scared to talk to their kids. I wonder if schools prefer to ignore the problem, thinking that it will eventually just go away. I don’t know, but this post is a bit serious for a Monday, so I’ll stop here. I’m 90% sure my next post will be less serious.

“Some people won’t be happy until they’ve pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away.” ― Donna Schoenrock


16 thoughts on “At Last, They Were Silent

  1. Bullying breaks my heart. I was a victim of it throughout school…luckily, I rose above it, but it just makes me so sad how many of our children can’t. I say, shame on all adults involved…the parents of the bully for not teaching their child how to behave, the parents of the victim for not insisting that something be done, and the school administraton for turning a blind eye.

  2. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”

    Never has any saying been so UNTRUE !

    Words are much more powerful weapons than sticks and stones and the hurt they cause can go much deeper and last far longer than mere physical injuries – yet so often verbal (or other non-physical) abuse is ignored or downplayed in importance by those a child might turn to for help

    I feel so sorry for a child driven to suicide because of bullying and so, so sorry for the parents of that child. Not only have they the pain of having lost their child, they also have to live with the feelings of guilt that they did not recognise the signs of bullying (or worse, ignored them). Even worse, if we bring children into this world, it is our duty as parents to love and protect them. No matter how hostile the outside world is, a child should feel assured that home is the one place they can return to and feel safe and secure, with family that will support and protect them. A child who commits suicide is making a statement that they saw no other way to end their torment, i.e., they did not see any hope that their parents could effect any change in their situation. That is a pretty damning thought to come to terms with – that one so failed as a parent that our child ended their life because they did not think we could (or would) be able to help them!

    1. 100% agree with your comment. Words can cut so deep. I can only imagine how hard parenting is but I can’t help but think that some parents just don’t even try. Just like you said, a child should feel safe and loved at home, and they should feel that they can confide in you if they’re being bullied. Those poor children who felt they had no choice, it’s so heartbreaking. 😦

  3. I was bullied in school…I think often times bullies have insecurities and issues they can’t deal with and pick on people whom they see a bit of the same insecurities or a tad bit of weakness…I was to scared and timid to confront anyone so I let it slide…it wasn’t anything bad, but it was wrong. I guess I also wanted to fit in so badly, they took advantage of that…

    My girls like the story of David and Goliath and so I tell them Goliath was a bully…bullies aren’t nice, and we don’t want to be that…I tell them you have to stand up for yourselves in a nice and respectful way…look the bully in the eye and tell them, you are not allowed to do that to me…report them to an adult.

    I think authorities, parents of bullies and the school take a carefree attitude towards bullying and the victims and that’s not fair…when the poor kids then lash out, they blame them. Parents need to check their kids…if your child is a bully, it’s time to deal with that child…every child should be able to go to school without fear of being harassed.

    1. I’m sorry you went through that. I hope your kids never have to. I agree, a lot of times these bullies are insecure, but no matter the reason, there’s really no excuse, and with every generation, I feel that kids get meaner and meaner. And parents have become much too carefree. You’re right, kids shouldn’t have to know this fear and pain. Maybe one day they won’t have to, but people need to be willing to address this very serious problem. 😦

  4. Hey, we can’t be lighthearted and fun ALL the time. And it’s good that you’re addressing something that too many people just let slip into the back of their minds. There’s no easy answer or solution to bullying but if only people would start speaking up, things could start changing. Now with the rise of social media though, bullying gets taken to a whole new level that’s really frightening to imagine for young kids now….

    1. I know, I still feel weird getting serious. 😳 But yeah, you’re right, we can’t just make it go away with a snap of our fingers, but we do need to address it. Kids get meaner with each generation (or so it seems) and like you said, technology doesn’t help. I do worry for my future children. 😦

  5. A very heartening post and one which gives awareness. I’m gonna be a teacher and so, will have to take care of this. 🙂

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