Just Me And My Randomness

This post is going to be totally random. My whole blog is random, so really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. (Basically, I don’t know what to write about today. I have quite a few incomplete drafts. I need to work on those.)

FACT: I brush my teeth more than necessary because it’s the only way to stop myself from eating candy or junk food. I have a serious problem. Sometimes, I even have candy for breakfast. I’m also obsessed with gum; I always have at least 3 packs in my purse.

FAMILY: In Friday’s post, I mentioned something funny my mom had said. I thought I’d do something similar and share two other family funnies.

My mom was looking at a coworker’s picture of her cute little puppy. (Keep that in mind…it’s a puppy.) My mom turns to her coworker and says, “Aww! What a cute little INDIAN!” It took her a few seconds before she realized what she had said.


Mom, dad, and my brother and I were SOMEWHERE. (Damned if I remember.) All I know is the place had an echoing problem. Mom was talking (loudly), and my dad goes to her, “Shh, lower your voice. This place echoes. I can still hear what you said 10 minutes ago.”

GRATITUDE: I was recently nominated for two awards. (I know, again! What do you see in me?) So I wanted to show my gratitude. Thank you dockfam for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger award, and thank you Jodi for nominating me for the You Make Me Shine award. Much appreciated!


You guys are awesome. And really, thank you to everyone who reads this nonsense of a blog. I’m not going to follow the rules though. (Which, according to the original rules, means I don’t deserve shit.) I’ve done a few awards posts recently and well, it’s kind of exhausting. Now, don’t get mad. I appreciate the nominations (seriously, I do), but I’m starting to understand why some people think the awards resemble spam/chain letters. Although many people deserve these awards, it’s not easy choosing 15 bloggers at a time. 1 to 3 people would have been more reasonable. Wouldn’t it be more special if awards were harder to come by? By nominating 15 people every time, we pretty much ensure that the awards go around and around, and rinse and repeat. *Shrugs* I love you, don’t hate me.

PAST: There’s nothing more random than posting a baby picture for no reason.

RIGHT NOW: There’s a fucking cricket in my bedroom. It’s been there since yesterday, but I only JUST realized what that awful noise was. It’s hiding in the AC. I need it dead.

TRANSLATION: “Wife” translated in spanish is “esposa.” ESPOSAS is also the word for handcuffs. Interesting, isn’t it? Like, what the hell is that about?

THE END. Sorry this was so lame. I’ll work on that. But they say some things are just incurable.



26 thoughts on “Just Me And My Randomness

  1. Your mom sounds like one of those people who don’t know they’re funny but crack everybody else up. Man I love people like that. 😀


    Okay, that’s all I got for randomness. Sorry, its a little early right now for me.

  2. Oh, family. Gotta love them!

    CANDY. YUM. I agree. I have a major sweet tooth (and overall eating problem, but food is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. So good, it needs more o’s). I should try your method. It may be weird, but it might help. And therefore, I will not eat as much. Oh, who am I kidding, it won’t do crap for me!

    1. Lol, glad you agree! Food IS good. I just wish I ate more apples and less chocolate and starburst gummies and marshmallows and pixy stixs… Yum. But really, it does work for me. When I brush my teeth, I don’t want to eat anything for a while. Til the minty freshness goes away. 😉

  3. I think that was a cute blog.

    By the way I have heard if you start off your day with sugar you will crave it all day long. You might benefit from eating sweets later in the day, as a treat for once in a while. This might be totally untrue BUT it is worth a try. I have noticed every time I have carnation breakfast (chalk full of sugar) by the end of my shift I want to eat a box of cookies by myself… but I am not huge on sweets and I have a gigantic hole in my tooth that needs no sugar added to it.

    1. Thank you. 😉 And you’re right, it’s worth a try. There are days that I make it til ALMOST the afternoon before I have candy, lol. Ouchies with the hole in your tooth. My teeth are sensitive to anything TOO sweet, and yet it doesn’t stop me. I’m so bad, I really need to work on this. You’re lucky you’re not huge on sweets. 😀

      1. I credit my parents for that; I grew up with cereal like Cheerios (just normal no flavor Cheerios), the first time I had chocolate cereal I thought I was gonna puke. To this day I like plain Cheerios, or Rice Chex, or basically flavorless cereals.

        I love vegetables too, and I know that is because of them… I would be really sad if I didn’t get to have a salad every other day or so (which is crazy I don’t know many people like that).

        Try red bell peppers those are super sweet to me (I love them), or fruit. I don’t like fruit so I have no suggestions, but that is a good way to go with natural sugars that aren’t bad for you.

        Yes I must do something about my tooth… soon, soon.

        1. Well that’s probably a good thing. Your parents made you healthier! I hate vegetables so kudos to you. But I do eat fruit now. It makes me feel better about all the crap I eat lol.
          And yes, you should see a dentist. 😦

  4. I wanted soup the other day but there was no soup. I was sad.

    I’m glad we don’t get crickets in our bedrooms in England. Those crickets are massive fuckers. We get wasps, flies, bumble bees, moths, daddy longlegs, woodlice and spiders in our bedrooms, but crickets would just scare the shit out of us. At least moths don’t scream.

    1. Haha, well that’s true, moths don’t scream. 😉 But wasps and bumble bees would make ME scream. Ew, that buzzing noise. I hate bugs. I got to kill a cricket last night though. (Victory!) If there were any other crickets, I hope they took notice and ran.

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