I am your thousand-piece puzzle
Never completely put together
The voice in your mind
Constantly ignored
The eyelash on your cheek
Always pushed away
A raindrop on your head
An inconsequential thing
I am the snow on the ground
Melting away into nothing
An obscurity at most
Decaying at your feet
I am the sunlight
Disguised in shades of gray
Hidden behind the clouds
My purpose is unknown
I am torn, I am hollow
I am many things but me
Like a flower in the winter
Merely soil I shall be
I am a flower that once was beautiful
Now wilting and dying in your hands
You are my beginning, you are my end
I am merely the dirt on your feet
And in the midst of your cold, hypnotic ways
I have faded to dust
My sweet decay

© Lillian F

This poem was from an old english assignment…we had to incorporate random words. My words were: decay, hollow, melt, soil, voice.


14 thoughts on “Decadence

    1. Thanks Lillian! Too bad I can’t write anything new. And glad you like, is it a wedding theme? Lol. I changed the background and got rid of the lovebirds pic, but only because I wrote a post about bird hatred…so how could I advertise a bird on my blog? Lol.

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