I Remember When…

I remember a different time…

A time when laundry was done on a regular basis. A time when the dishes wouldn’t sit, neglected and dirty, waiting for me to wash them, and the vacuum cleaner actually picked up dust, rather than just collecting it. A time when the computer just stood there looking pretty, whereas now it might explode any second from overuse. A time when I would read a book to pass the time. A time when I would “consider” exercising, whereas now I don’t even think about it.

Now my time consists of…

Checking my email for WordPress notifications, opening WordPress.com, checking my notifications, visiting the blogs of those who liked or commented, replying to comments (if any), checking my reader for updates, reading as many posts as I can, commenting when necessary, then refreshing and finding out there are 8 new posts that must be read. Then I take a break, open up Microsoft Word and think about what to write. Starts out well until I lose my focus. Then I open up WordPress again, visit a few new blogs, go back to my reader, find out there are several more updates, and rinse and repeat. That’s my time now. Not nearly as diverse as before, but definitely much more fulfilling.

There’s always time for chocolate though…

Chocolate makes me so happy, I could die. Well no, I don’t WANT to die. I love chocolate, let’s leave it at that.

I totally just BS-ed my way through this post. What? I’m behind on reading, give me a break. 😀


25 thoughts on “I Remember When…

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  1. I remember the days before the internet (just about) when I used to write my crazy thoughts down on a notepad. I would regularly check to see if anyone had read it (I could tell because it had been moved) but nobody cared. Now I have a similar routine to yourself, but it usually consists of me headbutting the keyboard repeatedly until words are formed (thanks autocorrect) and then I post them online for everyone to enjoy. It’s like modern art in a way…. Anyway, great post Lily. You’ve given me an idea (never a good thing…)

    1. Haha, pen and paper…who does that. Surely not me………………………………………. But yeah, my viewer stats were low too, hence the creation of this thing. So headbutting keyboards is your secret? No way. 😉 Thanks for reading! I do wonder what that idea could be…

  2. Seriously, my life before WordPress seemed so sad and unfulfilled compared to now. I think that in itself says a lot. 😀

    At the very least, I allow myself breaks from blogging on the weekends though those email notifications do sorely tempt me. And then I curse myself for taking a break when I check my email Monday morning to find like 40 new posts waiting to be read. Must. Not. Fall. Behind!

    1. Hehe, we’re all on the same page here. 😀

      Oh wow, you take breaks? Man, that sounds painful. Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend that all. Besides, reading is good for you. 😀

  3. LOL Oh, welcome to the dark side, my friend! And I don’t mean dark chocolate.

    And my. Those slap bracelets bring out the HOT in you!

    So glad we ‘found’ each other in this wacky WordPress world. …You’re going to share that chocolate, right?

    1. I know, those bracelets make everyone look AWESOME! 😉
      Glad we found each other too! I heart this place so much, I don’t care if it’s unhealthy!
      Um yeah, didn’t you click the picture? Chocolate comes out. 😀

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