Aren’t You Tired Yet?

Can you hear the children crying?
All around you are the echoes
of their solitude and despair;
innocence is dying.

Can you hear the sirens wailing?
All around you, gun shots flailing.
And while you’re safe in your bed,
someone else’s heart is failing.

Can you see the light is dimming?
All the innocence is fading.
As we drift further from ourselves,
we come closer to our ending.

Aren’t you tired of living in fear?
Don’t you dream of something better?
Aren’t you tired of living in hate?
Don’t you wish for understanding?

We judge those we don’t understand.
We condemn those who are different.
And yet, we all claim to want
a world of peace and justice.

Aren’t you tired of the hypocrisy?
Aren’t you tired of the senseless hate?
Have we learned nothing from our mistakes?
So many years living this way.
Aren’t you tired yet?

© Lily 11/21/2008

{I was looking through some of my old poems and found this one. Although it was written years ago, I felt it was fitting with the recent tragedy in Colorado. My heart goes out to the victims and family members of that tragedy and every other similar tragedy. God knows these terrible things happen way too often.}


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