While He Was Sleeping

credit: http://www.favim.com

I remember one night, the lights were low,
He was already sleeping —
I crept into bed,
Didn’t make a sound,
Gazed upon his face —
I had to smile.

To see him asleep — my heart’s content,
So quiet, so tender,
Without fear, without complaint,
So innocent, so mine.

I loved him more while he was sleeping,
I could admire the slight curve of his lips,
And imagine the glimmer in his eyes,
When the sun would wake him.

I didn’t sleep that night,
So caught up in the simplicity —
His heartbeat, his little breaths,
The way he stirred,
I took it all in.

Every night, he’d fall asleep — unknowing
Of my watchful eyes,
Of my beating heart,
Of my infinite love.

I think if he knew, he too
Would close his eyes and wish
That we could dream forever…

© 2006
Lillian F

I’m so random with my posts (no humor today), but I figured it was time to share a poem, since I have a category called “Poems & Stories.”  You know, makes sense to include a poem. 😀


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