Hygiene Stickers

This one’s going to be a quickie. I was recently trying on a bathing suit and it got me thinking. You know those hygiene stickers they put on bathing suit bottoms? I’m not against them being there, but just take a minute to think about what purpose it’s actually serving. Okay, so it keeps the actual bathing suit clean. Thank you for that. But the whole hygiene thing? Say one girl tries on the bathing suit. Personally, I think people should be trying on bathing suits OVER their underwear. But if they don’t, their crotch is touching the so-called hygiene sticker. I know, GROSS. But then they DON’T buy the bathing suit, and put it back on the rack. So eventually, another girl grabs the same bathing suit to try it on, and ALSO tries it on sans underwear. Her crotch germs have now merged with the first girl’s crotch germs. The HYGIENE sticker is hoarding all the crotch germs! It’s disgusting! It’s not hygienic at all! Yeah, if you end up buying the bathing suit, the material will be relatively clean, but it’s too late! You and God knows how many other people have already shared their germs with the hygiene sticker! Let it be known, hygiene stickers have nothing to do with hygiene and everything to do with disgusting. Eek! So if you’re wondering if there’s a moral to this story, there is. Keep your panties on! (Also a great moral for many other unrelated situations.)



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      1. We went to an amusement park the other day and I had to tell my kids to wash their hands like 100x.. all i could think of was how many people sneezed or picked their noses then touched the rails..lol

        1. Ohhh, I love amusement parks…but now I’ll be thinking about what you said next time! Eww, lol. It’s true though. I like to think I don’t usually touch the rails, but sometimes the lines are so long, you can’t help it. 😦 What do you do about door handles? Eek.

  1. ……I thought it was common sense to try bathing suits WITH your underwear on…. now I can’t look at swimwear hanging on the racks the same way!

  2. HA! I went to a store with my boyfriend’s daughter recently, she and I both were trying on bathing suits (she is ten), we found the ones we wanted and headed back to our water park hotel. I got out my bathing suit purchase and took off the hygiene patch when she asked “Why did you keep that on?” I looked at it and back to her “When would I have had time between getting it and driving back here to take it off.” She was like “No, you are supposed to take those off before you try on the bathing suit.” I explained to her that it was there for protection and just an added protection if someone wasn’t wearing underwear when they tried on the bathing suit you bought. She replied “Oh, you try those on with your underwear on?” SOOOOO not only did she take the stickers off but she also tried on at least three suits that she didn’t purchase, oh man… it is hilarious but gross at the same time.

  3. This blog entry is educational. I learned two things. First, I didn’t know that these stickers even existed. I’ll bet if I googled it there would be a site where you can buy them (new and used). Secondly, I learned that I don’t use the phrase “crotch germs” often enough. I’m going to try to work that into three different conversations today. Thanks for the lessons!

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