The Chopping Of The Pecker

I bet you’re reading the title and thinking, “What the hell is she smoking?” Well, I can’t tell you that, but I can explain what I mean. *Clears throat* I’m talking about men who don’t deserve to be called men, and most definitely don’t deserve their peckers. Still don’t get it? I mean rapists. The subject of rape comes up so often in the news, on TV shows…I wasn’t sure if I should blog about it, but what the hell. It’s what’s on my mind.

I could get carried away on the subject, but I don’t need to explain to you guys that rape has got to be one of the cruelest, most traumatizing things you can do to a person. Anyone who is capable of doing that to a person (especially a child) doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I think any man who is guilty (beyond a doubt) of raping a child or adult should have his pecker chopped off. Yup, you heard me. Years ago, my mom said she was for this punishment. At the time, I thought it seemed drastic, but it grew on me. Then recently, while watching a show on the subject, my boyfriend said that would be the best punishment. YES…a man who is FOR the chopping of the pecker!

Men love their peckers. You could even say they’re attached to them. If it was common knowledge that a poor excuse for a man could lose his pecker if proven guilty of rape, he would probably think twice before committing such a vile act. If a man uses his pecker for evil instead of love, then the pecker should be destroyed! Sure, it may seem medieval, and if you’re a man, you’ve probably already stopped reading. But if you agree with the “eye for an eye” theory, then this shouldn’t seem so far-fetched. I think if more people could agree that this would be a just punishment, things might change for the better. If you put a rapist in jail for a few years, who’s to say he won’t continue molesting people once he’s free?

So, that’s my theory on that subject. Chop off the pecker and problem solved. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. I came up with a couple mottos below, related to the subject. Don’t ask me why I did that.

You did what with your dick? Hold on while I get my scissors medical kit.

Force a woman into your bed, and we’ll cut the monster between your legs.

Use your pecker for no good, and we’ll chop off your wood.



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