There May Be Something Wrong With You

Okay, I just have to get this off my chest, but before I do…no offense, okay? Just kidding, this post isn’t THAT serious.

So, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? (I don’t know, that’s what people keep telling me.) Everyone’s got their own taste in music, clothes, food, home décor, whatever. That being said, when it comes to cars, I don’t feel like it should be about taste…it should be about common sense. That’s MY opinion…but this is MY blog so my opinion is king. Here’s an important lesson: just because someone wasted an insane amount of money and time building a car doesn’t mean you have to waste your money buying it. Okay? I know, you may feel bad for the car, but really, it’s okay. The car will get over it.

If you own or are thinking of buying one of these cars, go see your doctor…there is something wrong with you. Sorry! Wait, no I’m not…it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to.

It’s a station wagon. Do you know what people say about station wagons? Yeah, exactly.
Car in the front, minivan in the back. WRONG all over.
Take a look at this…I mean REALLY look at this. Why don’t you just drive a cardboard box?
It’s like a car and a van and a pickup truck all in one. And let me tell you, that’s tough to swallow. *Gags*
Have you noticed how popular Jeeps are lately? Mercedes thought they could make a luxury jeep to compete. Ummm…EPIC FAIL. I’m almost ashamed to think that whoever made that car also made my gorgeous E-class. Almost.
One of these little toys parked next to me the other day. My car was so upset, it fainted.
In case you don’t know, this is called a smart car. WHO THE HELL thought of that name? If you buy a smart car, you’re stupid. Not just because it’s ugly as hell. (Omg, is it ugly…) You might as well be driving a nerf car. Look at it! I don’t care how much it saves you on gas, even the mini cooper could trample the smart car’s ass. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about safety, go ahead, buy this toy. (You suicidal little twit.) I dare you.

There you have it. You now know what NOT to buy…ever…EVER! You’re welcome.



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