One Text, One Life

One decision, seemingly harmless, can change your life forever. Much like drinking, texting and driving don’t really get along all that well. (I know, hard to believe.) It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, YOU ARE NOT SO IMPORTANT that you can’t wait until you’ve stopped driving to send a text. Is the world going to end if you don’t reply to a text right away? Do you think your friend will assume you’re dead if they don’t hear from you for 10 minutes? Well, you could be dead as you type away on your not-so-smart-phone, miss the red light and rear-end the car in front of you, pushing both cars into a busy intersection. Or, even more probable, you could come out of the accident completely unscathed, while the person in the other car is not so lucky.

Now you have to live with the guilt of having killed a fellow human being…somebody’s relative, somebody’s partner, somebody’s friend. You’ll probably spend a few years in jail, but no amount of time in prison could ever bring back the person YOU killed due to your recklessness. No amount of counseling could ever rid you of the memory of that person’s lifeless body being dragged out of the wreckage, or the sound of the wailing sirens signaling that help has arrived much too late.

Every time you get back into the driver’s seat, or hear the sound of an incoming text, you’ll remember. Was it worth it? Did that three worded text change the life of the person you sent it to, like it changed yours?  Irrevocably so. It must be hard facing your best friend, knowing that your carelessness resulted in the tragic death of their spouse. And even if your friends and family don’t accuse you, because after all, you didn’t commit premeditated murder, living with a heavy conscience is punishment enough.

In time, people on the street will no longer remember you as the person whose texting resulted in somebody’s death. Too bad the memory will haunt you forever. Too bad the victim’s family will never forget. Too bad time doesn’t heal all wounds.


*This is why I don’t like watching the news. You hear stories about crimes and accidents every day. It just amazes me how many accidents could be avoided if people just stopped to think first. There are already so many natural ways to die for us to be adding negligence and stupidity to that list. Anyway…I’ll try to post something less serious next time.*


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